In this issue, we explore how COVID-19 pushed us to explore happiness, gratefulness, and finding meaning and passion in work. We also explore some of the key themes defining the tech world today: data privacy, climate tech, social media, and more.

Our cover story chronicles the entrepreneurial journey of NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie, whose belief in cryptocurrency has inspired him to pioneer a whole new kind of influencer marketing.

This ‘Back to Basics’ is a bit different from how we usually do things. Instead of examining technologies, we’re covering innovation from another perspective: disruption through effective execution. Some of the startups we interviewed may not harness deeptech, but they are spearheading change through a new take on a traditional business model. In our cover story, we interview the co-founders of Zilingo–a soon-to-be ‘unicorn’ that is digitizing the ecommerce supply chain for small vendors and factories throughout Southeast Asia. Although the company launched with the simple idea of connecting independent merchants to consumers, it has since become a launchpad for the small business owners to grow and thrive, elevating the lives of those working in the region’s informal economy. In this issue, we also dive into the reinvention of consignment and rental models in the retail space, how urban farming can transform cities, unchartered territory for mobile gaming, and why ‘Googling’ may become a thing of the past