Navigating the Growing Crisis of Space Debris

Orbital Fallout: Navigating the Growing Crisis of Space Debris

Ever since we stepped into the space age back in the 1950s, we’ve been busily sending rockets and satellites up, up and away, painting our mark way beyond our planetary borders. But here’s the thing—our ventures have left the cosmos littered with about 2,000 operational satellites and another 3,000 that are just space junk now.

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Interactive Learning with Augmented Reality

Interactive Learning with Augmented Reality: Applications, Benefits and Challenges

Ever wondered what it would be like if your textbooks could talk, if the illustrations in your lessons could come to life, or if you could step into history rather than just read about it? Welcome to the world of augmented reality (AR) in education! Like a magic wand, AR can turn the abstract into tangible and the mundane into extraordinary, unfolding boundless educational possibilities.

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Beyond Pink and Blue: The Movement Towards Gender-Inclusive Toys

Before gifting that pink kitchen set for a girl or the transformer for a boy, pause for a moment. Historically, the toy industry has thrived on perpetuating gender stereotypes. As the French essayist and critic, Roland Barthes, expressed, toys are essentially a “microcosm of the adult world”, reflecting societal views.

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Smart Rings The Next Breakthrough in Wearables

Smart Rings: The Next Breakthrough in Wearables?

From fitness bands to smart glasses—the rapidly evolving world of wearable tech witnessed remarkable advancements. Each step in this journey has brought us closer to integrating technology seamlessly into our lives, enhancing convenience and connectivity.

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How FOMO Fuels the E-Shopaholic Phenomenon

Click, Buy, Repeat: How FOMO Fuels the E-Shopaholic Phenomenon

A new phenomenon has emerged with access to endless virtual shopping aisles: the rise of e-shopaholics, or individuals hooked on online shopping. According to the 2020 Annual Retail Trade Survey (ARTS), e-commerce sales in the U.S. surged from US$571.2 billion in 2019 to US$815.4 billion in 2020.

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India: Where There's a Market for Everything

India: Where There’s a Market for Everything

India, with its ancient roots in trade and commerce, is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world today. As the nation continues its rapid development, it’s emerging as a global hub for businesses of all kinds.

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How Do I Impress Everyone on My First Day of Office

How Do I Impress Everyone on My First Day of Office?

As soon as you step into your workplace, the clock starts ticking, and every move you make is under the microscope. Making a good first impression becomes crucial as it shapes how colleagues perceive you from there on. Of course, striking the right chord might be easier if you have been a working professional for some time.

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iPhone 15

iPhone 15: Peeling Back Layers of the New Apple of Our Eye

It’s that time of the year again. As September unfolds, the air is buzzing with growing anticipation in the tech world as the next generation of iPhones—the iPhone 15—is on its way to our palms. While Apple keeps a tight lid on the specifics surrounding its latest technological marvel, rumors have been seeping out from all directions, prompting us to wonder what’s in store.

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These 5 Bizarre Jobs Pay More Than You Think

These 5 Bizarre Jobs Pay More Than You Think

In a world full of surprises, it’s unsurprising that some career paths have veered into the realm of the extraordinary. Imagine getting a paycheck for savoring the flavors of dog food or testing beds for the ideal slumber.

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