Zentry Unveils New Era of Gaming with Universal Play Economy

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Rebranded from GuildFi, Zentry connects Web3 and Web2 games into a unified global gaming community.

GuildFi, a prominent web3 gaming guild that secured US$140 million from investors such as Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Animoca, Pantera Capital and Hashed, has rebranded to Zentry. The new identity, Zentry, aims to transcend traditional gaming by creating a universal Superlayer that integrates all gaming platforms into a cohesive Play Economy, essentially bringing the MMORPG experience to real life.

Introducing the Superlayer concept

Zentry’s innovative Superlayer will merge various loyalty systems, gamer identities and activities across diverse gaming worlds into a singular, seamless experience. This integration will not only connect a diverse range of Web3 and Web2 games, social media and real-life activities but also foster a global community of gamers. The technology crafted by Zentry introduces a novel “game of games” dynamic, where interactions within and outside gaming environments contribute to a unified gaming journey.

Dynamic avatar profiles and universal gaming adventures

Zentry enables gamers to develop a dynamic avatar profile that grows in status, uniqueness and wealth through activities spanning multiple ecosystems. This feature is designed to engage the world’s three billion gamers, offering them the opportunity to enjoy a shared global adventure. Whether it’s playing a simple mobile game, streaming on platforms like Twitch or visiting a local coffee shop, participants gain rewards such as social level-ups, tokens, digital collectibles and badges, enhancing their gaming and real-life experiences.

Jarindr Thitadilaka, the Founder and CEO of Zentry, envisions a transformative shift in the gaming landscape. “Imagine a game of games: one profile, expansive rewards, multiversal IPs and vast gaming activities,” he said. “We’re reshaping how gamers are recognized and rewarded by enabling how a player’s gaming activities benefit their real-world self and their real-world actions to boost their digital self. This will usher in a fundamental shift in the gaming industry where profits will flow from corporations to players.”

A comprehensive ecosystem with strategic goals

Zentry transcends the typical DAO framework to offer a story-driven, evolving gaming universe with an evolving product suite designed to deepen user engagement. The ecosystem is built on four core pillars: a robust blockchain infrastructure that bridges Web2 and Web3 data; consumer apps tailored to diverse cultural landscapes; a multiversal IP world enriched with compelling narratives and partnerships; and a substantial treasury exceeding US$100 million dedicated to strategic growth and ecosystem incentives.

Expanding on the concept of gamifying everyday life, Thitadilaka emphasized the integration of daily activities with gaming achievements. “In this new Play Economy, you can buy a coffee from your barista and your Zentry character gets a perk, or vice versa,” Thitadilaka explained.

Token conversion and community integration

In line with its rebranding, Zentry is rolling out a token conversion program, allowing holders of the original GuildFi token ($GF) to switch to the new Zentry token ($ZENT) on a 1-for-10 basis, further solidifying community engagement within the new ecosystem. Positioned to lead in the gaming, entertainment and lifestyle sectors, Zentry plans to leverage its substantial treasury and strategic partnerships to expand its influence.

Looking ahead, Zentry is set to introduce its flagship products and form significant alliances within the Web2 and Web3 gaming industries. 

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Header Image from Zentry via PR Newswire

Press release link: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/guildfi-now-zentry-to-build-a-superlayer-uniting-the-worlds-three-billion-gamers-in-one-vibrant-play-economy-302122584.html


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