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Lessons in Strategic Acquisitions with Boxful Co-founder Norman Cheung   By Nayantara Bhat   The epitome of a densely-packed metropolis, Hong Kong experiences the problems of clutter and cramped spaces faced by most other big cities. As the tech scene heated up, startups providing on-demand storage were an instant hit. But characteristic to any

By Khadija Azhar   While most self-help books make interesting bedside reads, they seldom offer much more than repetitive–often unsubstantiated–advice.    Enter Edge. Written by Harvard Business School professor Laura Huang, the book distills years of award-winning research into actionable suggestions on positioning yourself for success in any sphere of life. It promises to

By Annie LUI On Ni   It is undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling adventures to start your own business, which can bring great rewards both financially and psychologically. For many people, entrepreneurship is their ultimate career goal.   The road to entrepreneurship is, however, often filled with unexpected detours, roadblocks and dead ends.

By Yoan Kamalski   We are in the midst of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. Whether it’s giving birth to entirely new industries or revolutionizing existing ones, the startup culture across Asia-Pacific is playing a big role in the

The Bridge Co-founder Masaru Ikeda discusses Japan’s startup opportunities and its growing unicorn population   By Masaru Ikeda   I primarily write about startups in Japan and the rest of the world for my Japanese audience, but I occasionally do so in English to encourage interest and share what’s going on in the Japanese

Insurers need to evolve quickly to win   By Francesco Lagutaine   My son Viktor came home from school one day and told me an interesting fact: Not all dinosaurs became extinct. Some evolved into birds, and many species that lived alongside dinosaurs continue to flourish to this day.   The tuatara, for instance, first appeared

November 6, 2019 Cyberport, Hong Kong   By Khadija Azhar   The Intellectual Property Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest (IPIEC) brought Cyberport’s flagship Venture Capital Forum to a close in November, with its Hong Kong chapter featuring ten promising startups shortlisted from 94 applicants.   Organized by the China Centre for Promotion of SME Development, the Office of

Using lessons learned from the 2010s to predict the 2020s   By Leroy Yau   Another decade has come and gone. It’s undeniable that tech has shaped much of our society over the past 10 years. The easy answer to what’s defined the 2010s is the deployment of 4G, proliferation of smartphones, commercialization of

By Sabrina Wang   ISKANDAR Malaysia - START Malaysia, formerly Startupjohor, is joining forces with Southeast Asia’s popular tech and business news source, Techsauce Media Thailand, to bring BASE Conference 2020 (BaseConf 2020) to this side of Asia on January 15 to 16, 2020.   Iskandar Malaysia Studios in Iskandar Puteri will play host

Globalization and the new global financial paradigm with Airwallex Co-founder Lucy Liu   By Min Chen   At the turn of the Millennium, sitting at a Starbucks in Tokyo or watching a film with subtitles were seen as globalization doing its work. Today, in a world where billions of people know about a district

By Nayantara Bhat   November 27 - 30, 2019   FACTORY Phnom Penh, Cambodia   Seedstars World, a global pitch competition for startups in emerging markets, held its last Asia competition of the year in Cambodia, bringing together early-stage companies, investors, and mentors from over 15 countries.    The three-day program kicked off with a startup bootcamp on

By Gina Kershaw   So, you've started your online business. You’re all in. You’ve looked at websites and products and all the other stuff you may need to get your business going. You’ve been watching the videos and reading the blogs. You are walking the walk and pretending that you know what

Relying on buzzwords is a risky strategy–but there are other ways to stand out   By Katherine Li   Think about your favorite pair of socks.   Do you have one? We wear socks quite often, but we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the company that produces them. In fact, many of us

Challenges and the road ahead   Supply chains in Asia are fast evolving into smarter, technology-driven systems for the dynamic healthcare industry. Now more than ever, investment in supply chains is taking on a strategic priority in Asia. Supply Chain Intelligence is a crucial area of focus empowering pharma business operators to

Introduction   With the right knowledge and support, setting up a company in Hong Kong can be quick and easy. Few regulations allow companies to set up within one week! But where to start? Below we list out the main requirements and steps you need to consider to get your company up

by Gloria So   If you’ve been in Hong Kong, you know how much of a struggle it has been going about daily life and business. No matter what side of the conflict you are on, Hong Kong has been changed.   In this season of change, how do you continue to conduct business

by Angie Kim   As I sit here writing this, I’m exhibiting the same mental torture I go through every time I dive into any type of creative work… I am stifled by options. It’s like being at an intersection presented with a million paths, each one leading to different outcomes with

A simple guide for early-stage companies   By Roger Chen   Hong Kong has long been one of Asia’s major retail centers. Surprisingly, however, many Hong Kong retailers have been slow to build an online ecommerce presence, and to grasp the importance of branding in building their online business persona.   It’s also surprising considering the

The impact of autonomous driving   By Jiaxiong Xiao   The rise of logistics and delivery platforms has revolutionized the gig economy, but with more and more countries facing problems around aging populations, labor shortages will become a critical concern in the coming decades. According to the World Economic Forum, U.S. labor force participation

How education will change during my career   By Andrew George   What I do as a teacher today will not resemble what I will do as a teacher 20 years from now. Current technological advancements and mindset shifts indicate that major changes are coming. Perhaps the most significant in the role of

By Min Chen   Founded in 2014, mininch is a Taiwanese industrial design company that makes simple and compact tools to provide elegant solutions for everyday tasks and fixes. The founding team is made up of experienced designers who have won awards including the 2013 iF Product Design Award and the 2012

Social media and the future of mobile photography with VSCO Co-Founder Greg Lutze   By Min Chen   As we gain more insight into technology’s effect on our well-being, we become more demanding of the companies that create it. At Facebook’s F8 developer conference in April this year, the tech giant announced that it

The secrets to success   By Kevin Fitzgerald   In the past, startups were mainly seen within the technology sector, but they have since expanded to other industries that are facing unmet consumer and enterprise needs. Today’s startups have no singular formula for evolution and expansion. They can scale through acquisition or fundraising, with

By Parul Bhandari   Information and data are readily available in today’s business landscape and we have countless organizational tools at our disposal. But where do startups begin if their aim is to have an operation with growth plans that are adaptable to changing market demands and new technology?   We typically consider

On living better with less technology   By Khadija Azhar   Many a time I’ve caught myself tumbling down social media rabbit holes–that is, until I feel like my behavior is leading me toward a Black Mirror-esque fate and I promptly set my phone down. Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism has proven to be the

Three steps to building an open telecom framework for current and future success   By Peter Man   Offering speed, bandwidth, and low latency, 5G promises to support innovative, next-generation services. According to the International Data Corporation, the mobile segment represented 53.1% of the worldwide telecommunications services market in 2018 and is expected to

With a shrinking population of journalists, getting coverage is harder than ever   By Anthony Caruana   The last decade has seen a massive revolution in the way stories reach the media, and how these stories are told. The market's thirst for content is growing, but the number of people telling stories is shrinking.

Asia: A target for a mission   By Jordan Lee   As the world’s population increases, demand for meat is bound to grow exponentially and unsustainably. The human population currently clocks in at 7.7 billion and is estimated to hit 9.7 billion by 2050, with Asia accounting for 60% of this number (Worldometers).   Meeting

By Nathalie Depari   A "no kangaroos in Austria" sign is one image that is found in souvenir shops all over Austria. Austria is not as famous as Australia–many people don’t even know where Austria is. However, without anyone noticing, Austria has exchanged classical music and skiing for the accelerated development of

Bite-sized science fiction that packs a punch   By Kelly Cho   Love, Death & Robots (LDR) is an anthology of animated, adult-oriented stories that premiered in March on Netflix. Produced by Tim Miller and David Fincher, the series has 18 episodes spanning genres from sci-fi to fantasy, and horror to comedy. They are