Making Innovation Matter

We believe that innovation does not matter
unless it gets out there and changes the world.
That's why we make it our mission to
'make innovation matter'.


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Jumpstart provides a platform for startups, entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders
in the startup world to come together and collaborate on impactful and innovative projects
that can bring about positive change in the world.

Who We Are

From its humble beginning as a bi-monthly startup-focused print magazine in Hong Kong, over the years Jumpstart has transformed into a startup ecosystem builder that supports and connects the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the APAC region.

From providing resources, support, and education to startup founders, industry leaders, and creative game-changers, to bringing together budding startups and corporates to facilitate collaboration and networking, Jumpstart supports and nurtures every aspect of the startup space.

What We Do

With the mission of making innovation matter, Jumpstart has expanded into all avenues of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide a comprehensive suite of customized services to startups.

Essentially, Jumpstart provides a platform for startups, entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders in the startup world to come together and collaborate on impactful and innovative projects that can bring about positive change in the world.


Jumpstart is the largest English print publication in the Asia Pacific region, covering innovation and technology in the startup ecosystem.

Jumpstart covers diverse topics including Artificial Intelligence, robotics, spacetech, edtech, insurtech, clean-tech, cryptocurrency and blockchain among others, and has featured several tech unicorns like Airwallex, Binance, Gemini, Gojek, and SenseTime.

Based in Hong Kong, Jumpstart magazine is now available at over 1,500 locations in 39 cities across 11 countries in the APAC region, including Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan.

With over 30,000 readers in Hong Kong alone, Jumpstart’s reader-base includes tech entrepreneurs, corporates, startups, investors, C-suite executives, and marketing professionals, making it a must-read for all startup ecosystem stakeholders.


We believe that practical knowledge and how to apply it in business is imperative for startup success.

Jumpstart’s education business ranges from classes for entrepreneurs to teach them the practical skills needed to succeed, to accelerators, incubators and ideas lab programs, and are available for students from primary and secondary school to seasoned entrepreneurs, professionals and investors.

Special Ventures

With years of experience gained in the startup world, Jumpstart is spearheading exciting new ventures that can meaningfully impact the startup world.

Projects range from our e-commerce initiative which is focused on featuring cutting edge technology to early adopters, to Jumpstart’s AI projects. At its core, each project is focused on making innovation matter.

Print & Online

Jumpstart’s talented editorial team reports the latest developments in technology and innovation across a spectrum of sectors from banking and insurance to aerospace, and helps shed limelight on startups and founder stories that attract consumers and readers from across the globe. With an online and offline presence, Jumpstart ensures media coverage across multiple platforms to garner maximum interest and viewership for the latest startup stories.

Jumpstart Kids

Through Jumpstart Kids, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, the Jumpstart team undertakes the pivotal task of cultivating young minds to become problem solvers and to learn about entrepreneurship through fun. Children between 8 and 13 years are taught the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and are given the opportunity to interact with foreign NGOs for contributing to the financially disadvantaged people.

Jumpstart Academy

Jumpstart offers tailor-made Entrepreneurship Programs through the Jumpstart Academy to equip aspiring startup founders with the skills and knowledge necessary to start and grow a business. Jumpstart’s experienced instructors train the future entrepreneurs to effectively apply business strategies to achieve their goals while the Jumpstart platform offers them the opportunity to build connections in the APAC entrepreneurial community.


Jumpstart partners with over 125 global events with more than 3 million attendees from across the globe. With experience in assembling speakers and panels for events like the leading media event in Asia APOS, and StartmeupHK Lifestyle Conference, Jumpstart’s enthusiastic and resourceful team can help startups and companies draw thousands of attendees to their events.

Corporate Innovation Programs

Digital adoption and innovation has become the key to business sustainability, but corporates often struggle with innovation, especially when it involves integrating startup teams with internal business units.
Jumpstart’s corporate innovation programs help businesses integrate innovation with key business processes to help businesses achieve specific goals and KPIs.

Ideas Lab

Co-creation platform Ideas Lab was started by Jumpstart in collaboration with azalvo. At the Ideas Lab, Jumpstart provides budding entrepreneurs and designers access to its vast network of founders, investors and mentors, while azalvo provides them with exclusive industry research, retail insights, and other resources to help them combine cutting-edge technology with fashion and lifestyle design, and turn creative ideas into successful business ventures.


With a vast network of entrepreneurs, corporates, venture capitalists and other investors, Jumpstart provides extensive networking opportunities to build valuable business relationships, and generate investor interest for startups in the APAC region. Jumpstart’s events, roadshows, and platform are all geared towards fostering a spirit of creativity and innovation among entrepreneurs and startups and helps them find investors who share their passion and vision.


Jumpstart Edge is a dynamic platform that provides entrepreneurs an edge by allowing them to showcase and beta-launch their revolutionary products to Jumpstart's large network in the innovation market. Jumpstart provides access to early adopters to test out cutting edge technology from top startups around the region.

AR/VR Project

Jumpstart is partnering with Shadow Factory to create the future of virtual conferencing. With Covid being part of our lives for the indefinite future, virtual conferences are here to stay. Our virtual conference platform is groundbreaking as we leverage off Shadow Factory’s expertise in gamification to bringing virtual events to new heights.

Artificial Intelligence Project

Jumpstart is partnering with KAMI to create AI that can research and write unique, time sensitive content. This disruptive technology is looking to change the content and media landscape going forward.

C-Suite Community

Creating the most meaningful C-suite community in the APAC region. Leveraging off Jumpstart’s established brand and international reach, we will enable c-suite executives to have unprecedented access to each other via our platform

Deal Flow Delivery

Leveraging Jumpstart’s wide innovation startup network in APAC, we provide deal flow delivery to investors and VC’s. We provide access to valuable deals outside the normal geographical range for these investors.

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