Vertefarm Launches Smart Hydroponic Mini Plant Factory for Home Use

Vertefarm’s new hydroponic factory turns living rooms into lush landscapes.

Vertefarm has recently introduced a hydroponic micro plant factory designed to combine aesthetics with functionality. This system employs advanced vertical surface planting and root cyclic drip irrigation technologies, enhancing plant growth by ensuring optimal water and air contact. Priced at US$799, the unit introduces several innovations to the consumer market.

Advanced lighting and control systems

The micro plant factory features a unique lighting system tailored for green leafy plants, offering a photosynthetic photon flux exceeding 150 μmol/m²/s, which is conducive to robust plant growth. Additionally, it includes a pioneering UV light feature designed to keep its ten-gallon water reservoir bacteria-free. The integration of a Smart Control system with support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and WiFi via an accompanying app enhances user experience by simplifying plant cultivation management.

Sustainability and indoor farming advantages

Vertefarm’s product is aimed at promoting the cultivation of highly nutritious green vegetables at home, offering users the pleasure of growing their own food while advancing new hydroponic farming methods. This initiative not only reduces reliance on traditional agriculture but also lessens its ecological footprint. The device also improves indoor air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting pure water vapor, making it possible to grow a variety of plants inside homes, from living rooms to kitchens.

Company vision and mission

“As we witness a growing demand for in-home gardening solutions, Vertefarm emerges as the perfect answer to the needs of individuals seeking a seamless blend of technology, aesthetics, and sustainability in their homes,” remarked Jason Chaikin, President of Vertefarm. With the mission “Farming Within Reach”, Vertefarm aims to empower individuals to grow their own food, shifting the control from corporate agriculture back to consumers. 

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