Top 5 AI Tools for Content Writers

Top 5 AI Tools for Content Writers

If you are in the content writing business, here is our round-up of some of the best artificial intelligence-driven content generators!

Content writing is one of the most in-demand jobs right now. However, even the best writers can struggle with creating high-quality content regularly. But with a bit of help from artificial intelligence (AI), you can quickly write engaging and informative content. While some tools generate content that is ready to go, others require a bit of work to meet your desired standards. All things considered, with AI content generator tools, the adage “teamwork makes it dream work” rings true. Together, you and the AI can produce quality content in no time. 

However, it is worth noting that not all AI content-generation tools are created equal. Some require minimal input, while others need more direction. The key is to find the right tool for you and your team. This article will explore the top five AI content-generation tools (based on the author’s usage of each) to help you decide.

1. Rytr

Image courtesy of the author; inside: a screenshot of an example use-case

Rytr, a play on the word “writer”, is an AI content writer and assistant. Its free version offers numerous tools to help you write great content. You can select your language, tone (candid, cautionary, convincing, inspirational, you name it), and, most importantly, use case. The platform allows you to write various things, be it cover letters, emails, blog outlines and such. Plus, it utilizes your keywords (the ones you wish to highlight) and enables you to choose from several variants. There is also a section to select the creativity level you require—whether you want the ultimate product to be more factual or fun. 

We attempted to create a blog outline, which came out quite well. The platform designed a catchy headline, developed SEO-friendly keywords and subheadings and gave us two versions of the final content. For a free version, it indeed produces worthy materials. 

2. Jasper (previously, Jarvis)

Jasper (previously, Jarvis)
Image courtesy of the author; Jasper’s homepage

Though paid, you can try out for free for five days (you will still have to input your card details). In the free trial, Jasper gives you access to 10,000 words to form your opinion of the AI content writing platform. Used by brands like Google, Airbnb and HubSpot, Jasper is known for producing good quality and comprehensive content. 

Writers can use to write social media posts, blog posts, website content, product descriptions and the like. The most noteworthy element is that it finishes your sentences like a quintessentially perfect romantic partner. While most platforms generate content from scratch, Jasper works with you, tapping into your tone and creating content on the go.

That said, the platform is not the best for writing factually accurate content and does not provide its sources. (Check out our in-depth review of Jasper here.)

Image courtesy of the author; Copymatic homepage

Writing a blog article with is a very gamelike experience. It takes you through five stages to produce the ultimate result. At the outset, the platform asks you what you want to write—be it a caption or a long-form article. Once you have picked a use case, it recommends the tools within the platform that best help you on your mission. 

In our trial, we chose the “Blog Post Writer”. You start by inputting what you want to write about. Then, you can either write your own or choose a suggested title, outline and subheadings. If you want the AI to generate them for you, it will give you five options for the intro and outline. Once you reach the final output stage, it creates paragraphs for each subheading in the outline. And just like that, you have a full-fledged article ready to go as per your needs. 

If you don’t want to write an entire article, you can also use the platform to write specific elements for your blog, such as the intro, conclusion or body paragraphs. Plus, it is all SEO-checked!

A caveat: through its free trial, you can only claim 1,500 words. Still, its paid version is relatively inexpensive, amounting to about US$25 per year if you pick the pro version. You must reach out to the company for a customized quote if you have specific content requirements.

Image courtesy of the author

Offering a seven-day free trial, is a great AI-driven content-writing tool for those who quickly need to churn out articles. It provides a range of templates, from Instagram captions to blog articles, making it great for journalists and social media managers. 

It works in four steps, from having you input the details related to your article to generating talking points and the final content. Though it offers quite a few options regarding the tone, it lacks overall flair. We chose the “friendly” tone for our article, but the final content was rather formal and serious. It produces information-first content, which can be beneficial if you are already good at accomplishing the right tone through editing.

5. Hyperwrite

Image courtesy of the author

Like, Hyperwrite’s AI platform allows you to input a few words or sentences and then offers suggestions to carry on. The platform understands tone well and offers unique content. Moreover, if you are experiencing writer’s block and cannot even come up with a few sentences, tell the AI what you want to write about, and it will produce content for you. 

In the premium version, worth US$19.99 per month, you get unlimited rewrites, “autowrites” and “typeaheads” (i.e. predictive text writing). On the other hand, the free version limits you to 100 “typeaheads” in a day and 10 rewrites and “autowrites” in a month. Plus, with premium, the platform gives you access to more templates, from academic writing to startup pitches and much more. What’s more, there’s even an option where Hyperwrite rewrites complex topics using AI to explain to them like you’re five years old!

Are AI content writers worth it?

Well, it depends on your purpose for using them. If you use AI content generators only sometimes, paying for them doesn’t make sense. Instead, you can opt for free AI tools or only use the non-premium versions. However, if you are a professional content writer who is expected to write significant amounts of content every day, you might want to consider using an AI content generator that meets your requirements.

Remember that no matter how much you want, you cannot rely solely on AI to produce quality content. You will have to review, edit and fact-check it, but when the foundational content is in place, that shouldn’t take too long!

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