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What Are Shadow Boards in the Workplace? Pros and Cons

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to maintain a competitive edge. An intriguing development in this arena is the emergence of “shadow boards”—dynamic groups within organizations designed to complement the official board of directors by offering fresh perspectives on critical business strategies. This article explores the role of shadow boards in the modern workplace and highlights their benefits, challenges and how they are shaping future business practices.

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Are There More Layoffs Coming in 2024?

Even as we kick off the new year, the horrors of the year past are not behind us. In 2023, major tech companies undertook big layoffs—in January last year, Google reduced its headcount by 6% (it also recently hinted at a fresh round of layoffs this year); in December 2023, Spotify laid off 17% of its staff and more companies gave out pink slips. This trend has been ongoing for a couple of years since the pandemic shook global markets.

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Is Your House Equipped to Start a Home Business? What to Consider

Starting your own home business can be a highly rewarding venture—as long as you do it right. It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of being an entrepreneur that you forget to check off the most essential requirements to ensure your venture operates within legal bounds and achieves sustainability. Below, we explore eight key factors to consider before starting your home brand.

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The Role of Microlearning in Enhancing Employee Satisfaction

Almost all of us have had an experience of sitting through a boring lecture, coming out of it unable to understand or retain anything that was taught. Your employees likely share this sentiment when they are forced to attend unengaging corporate meetings. Such situations not only dampen engagement and enthusiasm often wane but also hinder the effectiveness of the entire learning experience. Moreover, they contribute to an environment where employees may feel unappreciated, leading to a sense of detachment from the organization. This highlights the importance of microlearning in boosting employee productivity and fostering a culture where everyone feels valued.

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Office in Hong Kong

Is It Better to Buy or Lease Your Office in Hong Kong?

When it comes to acquiring office spaces in Hong Kong, both buying and leasing present viable options. The best choice depends on various factors, including your space requirements, what type of business you run, your budget and how important your office space is in terms of making an impression on clients—all set against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s status as the location of some of the world’s most expensive office spaces.

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Effective Business Communication: How to Be Diplomatic in Professional Spaces?

Diplomatic skills help foster positive workplace connections, mitigate conflicts and overcome professional challenges. Your career trajectory often hinges on your ability to interact effectively with coworkers, superiors and peers. With this in mind, let’s look at the signs of a diplomatic person and explore practical ways to refine your diplomacy skills in the workplace.

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