QFit Advent Box of Surprises: A Gift That Keeps on Giving

QFit Advent Box of Surprises A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Turn that special day into 14 days of fun with the QFit Advent Box of Surprises!

One thing that most world cultures have in common is gift-giving. And yet, somehow it is incredibly hard to find the right gift. It is because gift-givers rarely think about the long-term value or usability of a gift. Focusing only on wowing the receiver as they unwrap the gift, you might end up buying something that would eventually collect dust in your loved one’s house.  

For those who struggle to come up with the right gift, health and wellness marketplace QFit has come to your rescue. Introducing the specially curated QFit Advent Box of Surprises, a 14-day advent calendar packed with a wide variety of gifts for your friends and family. The best part? You will not have to sweat over what gift to pick anymore because these gifts are all useful! Curious to know more? Here is our review of the QFit Advent Box of Surprises. 

Price and packaging

Price and packaging
Image courtesy of QFit’s Facebook page

Priced at HK$390 (US$49.60), the QFit Advent Box of Surprises comes beautifully packaged like a green and white storybook, making it look great sitting on a shelf inside your house as you gradually go through the various gifts. Since the box hasn’t been marketed for any specific holiday or occasion, it is fit for year-round gifting occasions and even as a countdown for those who are stuck in quarantine. 

Once you open the box, the first thing you see is a list of random acts of happiness and kindness that the recipient can put into practice in their everyday lives. Then, you see the actual advent calendar with 14 “doors”. These “doors” are numbered and decorated with fitness equipment, chocolates and two people in the middle of a workout. 

What’s in the advent calendar? 

What’s in the advent calendar
Image courtesy of QFit’s website

On opening the different doors, you will find Italian brand Marvis’s flavored toothpaste, fidget toys, handmade chocolates from Conspiracy Chocolates, made-in-Europe raw fig bars from Figura and a fragrance pouch. Each box comes with these little gifts in different flavors or colors. 

Flavored toothpaste

Our QFit advent calendar comes with jasmine and cinnamon toothpastes from Marvis, which has been in business since the 1950s. As such, its packaging gives off a retro vibe. Besides these two flavors, you may also end up receiving others, like Amarelli licorice, Ginger and Anise, all of which have a slight mint touch. Upon using the product, you will be left with a unique aftertaste and a minty fresh breath. 

Fidget toys

Among the wide selection of QFit’s cute animal-themed fidget toys, we received the crocodile. These fidget toys are long and stretchy, and you can twist it any way you like. If you have trouble focusing during work meetings or classes at school, playing with this fidget toy can help you stay concentrated. The best part about this toy is that, unlike other fidget toys, such as the fidget spinner and the fidget cube, this toy is silent, so you can use it in public settings without distracting others. 

Handmade chocolates

The QFit advent calendar had individually wrapped pieces of chocolates from the Hong Kong-based bean-to-bar chocolate brand Conspiracy Chocolate. What makes these chocolates stand out is their exquisite flavor palette—you can typically end up receiving Sichuan Pepper, Dak Lak, Maldon Salt, Yuzu, Earl Grey and Sesame, to name a few. Our box comes with chocolates in the flavors of Maldon Salt, Yuzu, Earl Grey and Sesame. Trust us, Early Grey is the one to die for! 

Fig treats

The final edible item inside the QFit box is Figura’s 100% vegan raw fig bars. These are made from naturally sweet Adriatic figs that are native to Croatia as well as other nutritionally rich and flavorful ingredients, such as cranberries, sunflower seeds, whey protein and black and red peppers. Upon trying out the fig bars with cranberries, sunflower seeds and whey protein, we believe that these would be the perfect sweet treats for any of our health-conscious readers.

Fragrance pouch

Our favorite part of the entire advent calendar was the lavender-scented fragrance pouch. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also lasts a long time. We placed it next to the air conditioner so that the smell of fresh lavender would waft throughout the space. The scent of lavender is well known to have a calming effect on people and is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere inside your house.

Overall, we feel that the QFit Advent Box of Surprises lives up to its name, surprising us with gifts that are geared towards the mental and physical well-being of the receiver. This box is a great gift for anyone who is counting down to any special occasion or even for someone in your life who could use a much-needed dose of self-care. 

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