Turning Rocks into Notebooks

Turning Rocks into Notebooks: A Look at Karst’s No-Tree Paper

Around 42% of wood harvest across the world goes into making paper. The paper industry is a significant contributor to deforestation and consumes 4% of the world’s energy reserve. To mitigate the environmental impact of the paper industry, the Australia-based company Karst has come up with an eco-friendly solution to the world’s paper needs.

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MOHLIA Flowers Banner

MOHLIA: Flowers That Last Forever

Does your significant other or best friend love flowers but hate to see them wilt? Flower store MOHLIA’s infinity flowers might be the solution to your problem.

MOHLIA is a “budding” Hong Kong-based startup founded by 22-year-old author and entrepreneur Simran Mohinani. She got the idea for the business when she was moving from the United States to Asia.

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Pretail: One Step Ahead

How ‘pretail’ is revolutionizing the face of ecommerce In light of the accelerated growth of ecommerce activities, an increasing number of businesses are opting to

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Amazon FBA: Can It Work For You?

Figure out whether the ecommerce giant’s proprietary system is right for you Logistics, inventory management, and shipping can be laborious procedures. There’s no fun in

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