Top 7 Reliable Health and Fitness Gadgets of 2022

Top 7 Reliable Health and Fitness Gadgets of 2022

Achieve your fitness goals with our round-up of some must-have gadgets!

The pandemic has shined a light on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Lockdowns and gym closures have made it impossible for many to head out and continue their everyday workout routines. For some, that meant resorting to equipment-free home workouts; for others, it meant giving up exercising altogether. Of course, it can be hard to maintain a regular exercise routine (and motivate ourselves), especially when we’re busy. That’s where health and fitness gadgets come in! Here’s our lowdown on some of the most interesting gadgets to support your fitness journey:

Fitness chairs

Even if you don’t have time to get off your desk, it is no longer an excuse to skip your daily workout thanks to fitness chairs. These chairs come with pedals underneath so that you can cycle while typing, or even during your meetings. Just like a gym cycle, you can adjust the resistance of a fitness chair. Plus, given that there are no handlebars, there are no obstructions in your path. In fact, you can even use it while reading or just chilling. Fitness chairs are a simple way to stay on track with your fitness goals without having to put in too much effort. A popular fitness chair is the Flexispot Sit2Go.

Interactive exercise mirrors

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Have I burned any calories today at all?”

If the mirror’s response made you want to go at it like Will Smith towards Chris Rock (read: the terrifying Oscars slap), then it’s time to jazz up your workout plan. An interactive, smart mirror acts like your gym trainer, offering exercises and ensuring that you are doing them properly. They are usually operated through touch-screen or app technology, and some of them require additional devices on you, such as heart rate monitors. Some advanced smart mirror options include Tempo Studio and Echelon Reflect.

Stationary bikes

Cycling outside is all fun and games till a dog starts chasing you, the rain decides to pour or worse, an uphill road comes up. That’s when indoor cycles can be helpful. You have total control over the intensity of the ride. And you can cycle in your living room while watching your favorite TV show. You can even join group rides virtually! A popular pick is the Peloton Bike+.

Self-cleaning water bottles

This one’s for the ironically lazy fitness freaks. We get that washing your gym water bottle every day can be a bit of a task. After all, you’re already tired from the workout and can’t be bothered with a cleaning spree. Yet, it is important to keep hydrated without compromising on hygiene. This is where self-cleaning water bottles come in. These bottles have inbuilt technology that uses UV light to clean the water inside and kill any bacteria. So, every time you take a sip, you can rest assured that the water is clean. Some bottles also track your water intake and remind you to stay hydrated! The Hidrate Spark 3 and LARQ bottles are some of the best options on the market.

Smart clothing

No, we are not referring to the power suits you have in your entrepreneurial wardrobe. We are talking about app-connected gymwear that measures your workout metrics. The data is then transmitted to your phone or smartwatch, giving you a read on your performance. It also stores this data so that you can compare your progress over time. This information can be useful in helping you set goals and improve your workout efficiency. The Athos Core shorts and Prevayl smart clothes are good picks.

Underwater MP3 player

For swimmers who need to listen to The Rock’s “Face Off” (read: “it’s about drive, it’s about power”) to stay motivated, underwater MP3 players are ideal. Underwater MP3 players don’t use earbuds. Some of them, for instance, use body conduction, wherein the audio is transmitted from the cheekbones to the ear. This way, you can hear the music without blocking your ears. You can also use them above water. A popular choice is the Finis Neptune.

Smart watch

Though not the most intriguing on the list, your health and fitness journey would be incomplete without a smart watch or wearable fitness trackers. They come packed with features, such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, GPS and more. Some of the more popular ones include the Fitbit Charge 4, Garmin Vivoactive 4 and the Apple Watch Series 6.

Be it to get back on track with your new year’s fitness goals or up your current workout regime—our list of gadgets can help you do it all. 

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