Jasper AI and Google Cloud Partner to Offer Personalized Experiences for Businesses Everywhere

Jasper AI and Google Cloud Partner to Offer Personalized Experiences for Businesses Everywhere

Jasper and Google Cloud cast a spell on business experiences!

Jasper AI recently announced its cooperation with Google Cloud to make Jasper available to millions of customers through the Google Cloud Marketplace. This partnership also brings a new foundation model to Jasper’s AI Engine through Google’s Vertex AI—a unified machine learning platform that simplifies the building and scaling of ML models. Additionally, Jasper Everywhere, Jasper’s web browser extension, will receive new features as part of the collaboration. 

Jasper, which was launched in 2021, allows customers to enhance their content initiatives through the use of AI. With a client base of over 100,000, Jasper helps writers combat writer’s block, generate social media content, repackages information, develops fresh pictures and converts content to numerous formats and languages.

Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud, believes that the combination of Google Cloud’s generative AI, partner innovations, Vertex AI’s foundation models and Google Cloud’s infrastructure will enable Jasper’s AI engine to provide enhanced personalization capabilities.

Streamlined Jasper license purchasing and enhanced capabilities

Jasper’s availability in the Google Cloud Marketplace simplifies the license purchasing process for customers, allowing them to conveniently access Jasper’s generative AI technology. This streamlined process consolidates billing and reduces friction in adopting Jasper’s generative AI technology, meeting customers’ needs efficiently.

The integration of Google’s Vertex AI foundation models into Jasper’s AI Engine boosts its capabilities by selecting the most suitable models for each user query and incorporating up-to-date information from Google sources. This integration enables Jasper to optimize the generated content by adapting the company’s brand style, tone and essential information, ensuring the production of unique and tailored content for each company.

Road ahead

Jasper plans to expand its integration with Google Workspace and Chrome users through its existing Jasper Everywhere. This extension enables users to access Jasper’s assistance while writing in any text box in the web browser. Soon, it will also be accessible as a Google Docs and Google Sheets add-on, empowering customers to utilize on-brand generative AI seamlessly across their Google Workspace tools.

This partnership with Google reinforces Jasper’s commitment to enhancing the accessibility of on-brand content creation for businesses worldwide. By leveraging powerful generative AI technologies on Google’s secure cloud platform, Jasper aims to deliver a smooth and efficient content creation experience for its users.

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