Global Innovators Gathered at Hong Kong’s InnoEX and EFSE 2024 for a Tech Spectacle 

Catch up on Hong Kong’s InnoEX and EFSE—where tomorrow’s tech is today’s plaything.

The second edition of InnoEX and the 20th HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) (EFSE), which wrapped up on April 16, was a spectacle of innovation and collaboration. Co-organized by the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government and Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), this four-day event hosted an impressive roster of 3,000 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions—a significant increase from last year. 

With a record attendance of around 88,000 buyers from 139 countries and regions, including key markets like mainland China, India, Japan, Korea and the United States, the event solidified Hong Kong’s reputation as an international hub for innovation and technology (I&T).

A global stage for local impact

This year’s InnoEX and EFSE not only showcased a dazzling array of smart solutions and groundbreaking products but also highlighted Hong Kong’s pivotal role in connecting local innovations with global markets. 

Themed “Innovations for A Smarter World,” InnoEX highlighted next-generation technologies that promise to enhance daily life and tackle complex challenges. Meanwhile, EFSE focused on advanced electronics and health-management products, offering a glimpse into the future of tech that cares.

Technology that touches lives 

Central to InnoEX was the Smart Hong Kong Pavilion, organized by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO). Here, over 100 technology solutions designed to improve everyday life were on display, from AI-driven environmental monitoring to smart mobility solutions. This demonstrated Hong Kong’s strides in smart city development and I&T advancement. 

The “So French So Innovative” pavilion and contributions from 20 mainland China pavilions brought global tech advancements to Hong Kong’s doorstep. These exhibits not only showcased the latest in realms like aerospace, AI and robotics but also sparked local business collaborations aimed at integrating these technologies into the Hong Kong market.

Local companies, too, had standout moments. For instance, Greentek, celebrating its 20th year at EFSE, secured substantial orders of US$200,000 from primarily European and US buyers at the fairs, reflecting the global demand for Hong Kong’s tech products. The fair facilitated local companies like Greentek to scale operations and expand their international footprint dramatically.

Fostering education and talent

Organized by the Hong Kong Alumni Association of Beijing Universities, the inaugural Hong Kong World Youth Science Conference successfully convened Nobel Prize and Turing Award laureates together with top technology experts. Together, they explored topics like big data, AI, quantum computing, biotechnology, new materials and more. This melding of minds underscored the fair’s role in nurturing a new generation of tech talent ready to take on global challenges.

In recognition of the critical role of emerging talent in the I&T sector, this year’s fairs also introduced “Exhibitors Meet Talents”, in collaboration with Jobsdb, Hong Kong Top Talent Services Association and Cyberport. This initiative aimed to connect local tech firms with top-tier talent, further nurturing the local innovation ecosystem.

Industry enthusiasm

Feedback from the industry giants was universally positive. Don Tsang, Senior Business Director at Ant Group, praised InnoEX’s international reach, connecting with innovators across Southeast Asia, Europe and the US. 

“What particularly captured my attention were the exhibitors from Shenzhen. Their products have already reached a high level of maturity and have successfully attained dominant market leadership. I look forward to attending InnoEX again next year!” he remarked.

Surveys conducted during the events highlighted the local industry’s strengths, with 31% of local exhibitors citing AI as the most advantageous I&T area, closely followed by fintech. Additionally, the surveys indicated that smart home and smart living products, electronic accessories and home appliances were seen as having the highest growth potential in the electronics sector.

Sophia Chong, Deputy Executive Director of the HKTDC, emphasized the optimism and the strategic role Hong Kong plays in the global tech ecosystem. “Capitalising on Hong Kong’s esteemed position as an international trade centre, the HKTDC is committed to supporting companies in expanding their market reach for innovative products, fortifying the I&T ecosystem, and augmenting local I&T capabilities,” she added.

Looking ahead

As the curtain falls on this year’s InnoEX and EFSE, the blend of global innovations with local applications has not only showcased Hong Kong’s capabilities but has also set the stage for future growth. The HKTDC’s ongoing efforts to merge international innovations with local business opportunities continue to enhance Hong Kong’s role as a dynamic leader in global tech development.

With such a resounding success this year, the excitement is already mounting for next year. Both buyers and exhibitors are looking forward to an even more transformative experience, hoping to further establish Hong Kong as a leading capital of technology. 

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