4 Must-Have Gadgets for Gardening Lovers


These gadgets are designed to make your gardening tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

Gardening is a truly enriching and rewarding hobby that offers numerous benefits to both your mental and physical health. It provides a sense of peace, tranquility and fulfillment that can greatly enhance your quality of life. However, maintaining a thriving garden can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming task that requires a significant amount of effort and dedication.

Thankfully, modern technology has streamlined the gardening process, making it much easier to enjoy the benefits of gardening without the hassle of manual labor. With the latest gadgets and tools, you can simplify the entire gardening process, from planting and nurturing to pruning and harvesting. Whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting out, having the right gardening tools can make all the difference. 

This article brings to the gardening enthusiasts out there some essential gadgets. These innovative devices can help you optimize your gardening efforts, minimize the time required and improve the quality and yield of your plants.

Orbit B-hyve Smart Indoor Irrigation Controller

Orbit B-hyve Smart Indoor Irrigation Controller
Image courtesy of Orbit Online

The Orbit B-hyve Smart Indoor Irrigation Controller is a sophisticated and intelligent solution for indoor gardeners looking to streamline their irrigation system management. With this controller, you can set up to four or eight irrigation zones within your property. 

The device allows you to control your watering schedule from anywhere using your smartphone app. Thanks to its integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can even control your sprinklers hands-free, using simple voice commands. 

Furthermore, as a WaterSense-certified device, you may also be eligible for an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rebate, which the EPA offers for water-saving products and practices. The efficient sprinkler controller offers both automatic and customizable watering schedules. Its smart capabilities allow it to adjust the watering schedule based on current weather conditions.

Additionally, it is the most compact device tested, with a size that can easily fit in the palm of your hand. With a button press, you can activate watering for one specific zone or all zones at once, cancel watering or turn the system on or off. The device also has a hidden LED that indicates which zone is being watered and displays a “D” during a rain delay. This is a helpful feature not found in other basic on-device control models. 

With its ability to conserve water and reduce waste, you can feel good about using this device and keeping your indoor plants healthy and hydrated. 

Price: US$60 (four-zoned model) or US$80 (eight-zoned model) on Amazon

Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 PRO

Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 PRO
Image courtesy of Click & Grow

The Smart Garden 9 PRO is an innovative solution designed for all indoor plant enthusiasts. This app-controlled, self-growing garden system is suitable for use in any home and can satisfy various plant-growing requirements. By utilizing their proprietary seed pods, growing plants is as simple as adding water, placing the pods and waiting for the plants to grow. 

Equipped with an automated watering and grow light system, the 9 Pro can help you cultivate plants effortlessly. Nevertheless, owners can still actively participate in growing their 100% organic and pesticide-free plants with the Click and Grow companion app, which offers an abundance of plant information and gardening tips for owners of all skill levels. 

The Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 PRO is ideal for those who enjoy gardening and want to grow fresh produce year-round but don’t have outdoor space or time for traditional gardening methods. 

Price: US$289 on Amazon

Parrot Flower Power Sensor

Parrot Flower Power Sensor
Image courtesy of Amazon

The Parrot Flower Power Sensor is an essential device for plant enthusiasts who desire precise data, customized care guidance and instant notifications to streamline plant maintenance. Developed by the distinguished French electronics brand Parrot, the device is specifically designed for individuals with a passion for plants but limited experience caring for them. 

The smart sensor provides valuable insights into the growing conditions of plants. Once inserted into the soil of a potted plant or outdoor garden, the sensor monitors ambient temperature, fertilizer levels, light intensity and soil moisture, among other factors. When paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, the device transmits the collected data to an app with a comprehensive database of over 6,000 plants and trees, providing specific care requirements for each one. 

The app records and displays up to a year’s worth of data, allowing users to monitor plant health over time. Furthermore, the sensor sends an alert if immediate action is required, ensuring plants receive the necessary care promptly. 

Price: US$59.99 on eBay

Worx WR155 Landroid Robotic Mower

Worx WR155 Landroid Robotic Mower
Image courtesy of Worx

The Worx WR155 Landroid is a robotic lawn mower that revolutionizes lawn care. With the capability of mowing lawns up to half an acre on a single battery charge, this mower is a powerful tool that can make quick work of your lawn maintenance. It has a cutting disc that can follow the contours of your lawn, and its floating pivot helps prevent scalping or missed low spots. Moreover, it is equipped with sensors that enable it to safely navigate around obstacles and narrow paths. 

You can easily control and monitor the Landroid mower with a companion app on your smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to check the battery level, set a mowing schedule and customize mowing settings based on your lawn’s soil type and grass variety. Additionally, the built-in alarm system can help deter theft, and the GPS-enabled app can help you track down the mower in case it gets stolen.

The mower is designed for extended use with its 6.0mAh battery and charging base station. To operate it, you will need to establish ground wire boundaries around your lawn to keep the mower within the designated mowing area. 

The Landroid has a quiet operation, making it a great option for use anytime or night without disturbing your neighbors. Overall, investing in the Landroid mover is a smart choice for those seeking a convenient and reliable lawn maintenance solution.

Price: US$1499.99 on its official website

All in all, these must-have gadgets for gardening lovers can significantly enhance the gardening experience and help achieve optimal results. Using these high-tech tools, gardeners can take the guesswork out of plant care and achieve a beautiful and productive garden easily and conveniently.

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