Top 5 Home Tech Products You Need to Add to Your Homes

Top 5 Home Tech Products You Need to Add to Your Homes

From a table that keeps your laptop cool to a smart body analyzer, here are some gadgets you need to add to your home right now!

Have you ever dreamt of living in a tech-filled house? Well, wait no further, because here are five innovative home tech products that can make your life more efficient and enhance your living experience.

1. Laptop cooling table

Many people use laptops for work or for school every day, but laptops can often overheat if they are overworked. When that happens, your laptop’s productivity will be severely affected. This is why you should invest in a laptop table that can simultaneously cool your computer while letting you adjust the angle of your laptop to maintain a good posture. 

My Buddy is the ultimate laptop accessory that allows users to configure their laptop in any posture they desire with adjustable angles and heights. Most importantly, the desk comes with built-in cooling fans that keep your laptop cool.

The built-in fan can spin up to 1800 RPM, providing strong airflow and allowing you to work all day without your laptop overheating. This laptop cooler desk is compatible with almost all models of laptops available today. The desk is foldable and users can easily carry the desk along with them to work anywhere they like.

2. Electric fork

Do you have digestive problems or gastric reflux while eating? It might be because you are eating too fast and your stomach can’t digest the food that you eat all at once. It has been found that eating slower can reduce the likelihood of digestive problems and gastric reflux and also help with weight loss

This is where HAPIfork comes into play. Slow Control, a French-based wellness and fitness company, has created HAPIfork to help users improve their eating behaviors, the electric fork monitors and tracks their eating habits. The electric fork will flash and vibrate to alert you when you’re eating too quickly. 

It can also measure how long it took to eat your meal, the number of fork servings taken per minute (every time you bring food from your plate to your mouth with your fork) and the intervals between the fork servings. These data can give insights into your eating habits and help you identify what you need to improve.  

3. Smart thermostat

With summer approaching, many people are looking for ways to stay cool. While a regular thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature through a control panel on the wall, a smart thermostat can control so much more using only your mobile phone.

Smart thermostats can automate heating and cooling at your home even when you are not there and enable you to use your smartphone to adjust the temperature by connecting to the internet. Ecobee Smart Thermostat, in particular, has features that maximize energy efficiency, which can save up to 26% on annual heating and cooling costs through advanced occupancy sensing technology and keep your home at the optimal temperature for you. It can also sense movement and tell when someone’s at home and which rooms are occupied.

When the sensor doesn’t sense any movement or activity, it stops regulating the temperature in the unoccupied space, which can conserve more energy. Not only that, but it can also detect the sound of your smoke alarm and will notify you if there is any potential danger. The built-in advanced sensor technology can keep your home safe from intruders while increasing your energy efficiency.

4. Robot alarm clock 

Are you the type of person that misses your alarm despite setting multiple alarms on your phone? Then this product is the perfect solution for you. This robotic alarm clock from Clocky will allow you to snooze once, but as soon as the second time comes, it will “jump” off of your nightstand and “run” away from you.

It continues to beep and ring until you get off your bed to turn it off. You can no longer press the snooze button and comfortably go back to bed since you will be chasing Clocky which will be running around and hiding in different places. In case you worry that Clocky might break easily, it is made from durable materials and can jump from 3 feet (0.91 m) high with no damage. But if that concerns you, you can still have the option to turn off its wheels and the “roll-away” feature. 

5. Smart body analyzer

While it looks like a typical bathroom scale, WITHINGS’ Body Composition Smart Scale is much more than a scale. Not only can this scale track your body weight, but it can also measure other more advanced body data, such as your body fat percentage, body mass index, body water, bone mass and heart rate, when you step on the scale.

Users can easily set weight and fitness goals on the mobile app and the scale will automatically sync the data to the app, which can then be used to track their progress. If you are a person who is into fitness or is concerned about your well-being, this smart scale is the perfect product for you!

The idea of home tech products not only brings convenience for people, but it has also proven to be very useful in maintaining the well-being of a person or keeping your home safe and comfortable. So which of the mentioned products are you willing to try?

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