“Your Account Has Been Disabled”: What to Do When Instagram Takes Down Your Account

Your Account Has Been Disabled

Don’t let account suspension suspend your business as well.

As one of the most widely used social networking sites, Instagram boasts a staggering 1.28 billion users worldwide. Its enormous user base, coupled with its robust marketing capabilities, renders Instagram an ideal platform for entrepreneurs to expand their business prospects. Unfortunately, it’s not all smooth sailing for businesses on the platform. At times, they may run into hurdles that are beyond their control, like when their accounts are abruptly suspended.

If you have ever had your Instagram account suspended, you understand how disheartening it can be, especially if you have put in a great deal of time and effort to create captivating content and grow your following. No matter how choppy the waters may seem, all is not lost. With well-thought-out plans, you can turn your business around and steer the ship back to a prosperous port.

When might Instagram shut down your account?

Before delving into some potential strategies to safeguard your business when your Instagram account gets suspended, let’s skim through some of the major circumstances when the platform may deactivate certain accounts.

Violations of terms of use and community guidelines

If you’re a seasoned Instagram user, you’ve probably come across the platform’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines at some point. Malignant acts, such as copyright infringement, spamming and promoting illegal activities, are strictly prohibited. Breaches of these rules can lead to the permanent termination of your account.

Account inactivity

Instagram can suspend or even disable your account without prior warning if it has not been used or checked in for 90 days.

Use of third-party apps

Businesses on Instagram often strive to boost their following. Yet, this cannot be achieved in a snap. As a shortcut, certain companies pay for followers through external apps and software. What they may not realize, though, is that those tools are enemies of Instagram. Once the platform suspects that someone has been drawing on those tools to garner more followers or boost engagement, it can put limitations on the account or even wipe it out entirely.

In case you haven’t attempted any of the activities above, and your account has still been taken down, Instagram may have mistakenly done so. In that case, besides reaching out to Instagram directly for assistance, you should give the following a try to minimize the disruption the incident may bring to your business.

Repost your most successful content

The content you share on Instagram is an asset to your business. Be it a successful advertising campaign, an ingenious product photo or a simple quote that echoes your company’s mission, these pieces are cornerstones of your enterprise. Hence, you should always keep a copy of your most successful content and repost them on a backup account.

Since an Instagram account that has been suspended will be restricted from sharing content on the platform for a while, you can’t repost your content using your original account. This is where your backup account comes into play. Don’t fret if you don’t have one at the moment, simply register one. It’s always better late than never.

If you already have a backup business account, repost your most successful content right away. This is because when you stop posting on your page, your followers may become unengaged, which could result in them unfollowing you. While reposted content may not bring your audience as much novelty as new content (especially for those who have been following your company for a long time), this move is still essential in keeping your business afloat until you can update your original page again.

Even when your original account becomes fully operational again, don’t let go of your backup account just yet. Take this chance and keep both accounts active to connect with a wider audience. Plus, in case of any future account suspensions (fingers crossed that this won’t happen again), you’ll be prepared with an active backup account to fall back on.

Tap into other social media platforms

Instagram isn’t the only option when it comes to marketing. While waiting for Instagram to restore your account, consider posting on other social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Counting on only one marketing channel is simply too risky. If you come across emergencies (having your Instagram account suspended in this case), bringing in new customers will be challenging, let alone keeping your services and products in the public eye. Diversifying your marketing channels is imperative.

In case you have any other social media accounts that have a wide reach, you should start posting more on those platforms to keep your business running. This will work better if you give your followers a heads-up through your other social media pages that your Instagram account is currently under review and direct them to your page on other social media sites. That way, your followers can stay informed about what’s going on with your business.

Create a new account

If all else fails, creating a new account is your best option. Starting from scratch is obviously easier said than done, but if your business is highly dependent on Instagram, this move is absolutely vital. When you launch your new account, be sure to read and closely follow Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines to avoid another account suspension.

Sure enough, there are other steps you can take to shield your business when your Instagram account is down. Whatever route you decide to take, don’t just sit back and let opportunities pass you by. After all, entrepreneurship is about taking chances and exploring possibilities when it may seem like there are none.

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