What Are the Job Opportunities in the Metaverse?

What Are the Job Opportunities in the Metaverse

Wanna be a mover and shaker in the metaverse market? Here are a few jobs that you can look into!

I’m sure no one would be shocked to find out that the metaverse trend has been picking up steam. Consulting firm Gartner has named “metaverse” one of the top five emerging trends and technologies for 2022, and it is expected to be worth US$800 billion by 2024.

The massive potential is visible in the metaverse’s ability to replicate and extend beyond reality, creating digital versions of everything from fashion shows, gaming to sex clubs. Naturally, for all this to happen, someone has to be pulling the strings behind the scenes. As companies, like Meta and Microsoft, continue to work on their metaverse experiences, we will see more job opportunities blossoming within the metaverse realm. Curious about what kind of jobs the metaverse will bring and what skills you need to have to get these jobs? Let’s take a look. 

Metaverse research scientists

One of the first specialists that this space is going to need are research scientists. They would have to be experts in deep learning, computer vision, computer graphics or computational imaging. These experts will create the architectural framework for the metaverse and scale-up prototypes with technologies, like 3D computational photography (using digital software to enhance photos taken by a camera), neural rendering (image and video generation approach that allows control of aspects like illumination) and scene reconstruction (reconstruction of a real-world object in the digital realm), to name a few.


If you love writing and creating content, the metaverse is going to welcome you with open arms. Unlike storytelling jobs today, the metaverse will require you to create immersive storylines for games and other experiences, like role-playing, sports, education or training. With the metaverse’s ability to replicate anything under the sun, working as a storyteller for the metaverse will give you an opportunity to flex your creativity and conceptualize content that would get shot down by traditional production houses. 

To get a storytelling job in the metaverse,  it would help if you have a degree in creative writing. Besides, since metaverse storytellers would have to work closely with programmers and game developers, having a basic understanding of these fields would be an added bonus. 

Safety managers

One of the major flaws that has seen creeping up in the renditions of the metaverse so far is  security. Last year, we saw reports of sexual harassment inside Meta’s virtual reality (VR) platform, Horizon Worlds. This year, it was revealed that Roblox hosted Nazi experiences. The presence of such problematic behaviors on the metaverse points to a pressing need for safety managers.

These managers would need to provide guidance on privacy and real-world identity verification. They would also have to ensure the safety of the equipment involved in creating an immersive metaverse experience. Further, safety managers would have to accurately gauge how metaverse functionalities can be misused and find ways to prevent that. 

To become a safety manager within the metaverse, you would need an engineering degree (to understand all the moving parts) and a background in consumer electronics and legal knowledge.

Hardware builders

It would be impossible to get the metaverse up and running without people who have the technical know-how to create the hardware to make it happen. To enjoy an immersive metaverse experience, you need lightweight and wireless headsets, sensors and cameras. Thus, there are going to be a lot of jobs for hardware engineers in the metaverse market. 

Having a background in product development or electrical, computer, mechanical or optical engineering can qualify you for the job of a metaverse hardware engineer. The job would also require you to be familiar with computer-aided design, eye-tracking, head-tracking and field of view (how much of the world the user can see at once)

Asset advisor

What comes closely interlinked with the metaverse? Blockchain and cryptocurrency! Most big metaverses, like The Sandbox and Decentraland, have their own crypto tokens. With a surge in popularity of the metaverses and their tokens as well as NFTs (think of the NFT wearables Coca-Cola launched to be worn inside the metaverse), there is a need for asset advisors to guide people on which assets to invest in.

The metaverse asset advisor would work exactly like a typical financial advisor and guide clients on when to shift their investments by studying market trends. Besides these metaverse-specific jobs, chances are we will see a shift of in-person jobs into the metaverse as well. With the advent of Accenture’s Nth Floor and Nvidia’s Omniverse, people are going to be able to collaborate with each other easily, regardless of how far they are from each other physically.

Even if you don’t end up helping create the metaverse, working on it will surely save you the unnecessary time and money spent on commuting to work!

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