Top 3 Jobs with the Best and Worst Work-Life Balance

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Every perfect job always has a catch! It’s up to you to decide what you are willing to sacrifice for work-life balance.

Whether you are a writer like me or doing something completely different, it always seems like the grass is greener on the other side. It feels like someone else, who makes more money than you, is always doing better in life. But is it always the case?

It wouldn’t take a genius to say, no. We are just projecting our personal fantasies onto different jobs and imagining them to be a lot easier than they are. If money isn’t something to aspire to, what else can we look for when trying to find the “perfect” job? The answer is simple—work-life balance, the ability to spend time outside work and lead a fulfilling life. 

Some jobs offer more flexibility and freedom, allowing you to take more control of your work and personal life. Despite the post-pandemic trend of adopting remote or hybrid work models, some careers remain difficult to achieve work-life balance. Read on to find out more about some of the best and worst jobs for work-life balance! 

Three best jobs for work-life balance

Freelance graphic designer 

If working while listening to music or your favorite podcast sounds like a great idea to you, you might want to consider becoming a graphic designer. The job requires you to keep up with the latest trends in pop culture and use them in unique and creative ways to meet your client’s design needs. 

Working as a freelance graphic designer gives you the opportunity to plan out your day as you see fit. However, there is one catch—if you are not careful, the flexibility offered by freelancing could quickly turn into working round the clock. Also, much like most other freelance jobs, salaries can fluctuate based on how many clients you have at the moment. Be prepared that you might not always have a fixed income.

Fitness instructor 

In a world where we are rapidly giving significance to personal well-being, more and more people are going to the gym. As of 2021, there are 184 million gym-goers across the world. Naturally, this massive number of gym-goers would need an equally large number of trainers to help them get in shape. 

Being a gym instructor not only gives you a great work-life balance but is a great way to stay active yourself. However, fitness instructors can have difficult schedules. You might have to work on weekends or on holidays when your clients are free. This might not seem quite that bad when you get to have a more flexible work schedule on weekdays. An average fitness instructor earns US$40,510 per year.

Software developer

Finally, for the more tech-oriented people, the best job to pick up would be a software developer. The job is in particularly high demand, with the world witnessing a shortage of skilled developers. 

This job requires a vast skill set, ranging from understanding and catering to the needs of users and maintaining the applications’ upkeep in the long run. If you know programming languages, like Java, Python and C++, and have experience in cryptography, you could also become a blockchain developer. 

Developer jobs are largely done in remote settings and thus are great for those seeking work-life balance. They are also extremely high-paying, with an average salary of US$107,510 a year.

Three worst jobs for worst work-life balance

Marketing specialist

One of the most demanding jobs by far is that of a marketing specialist. Much like a lot of creative jobs, this job requires you to always be on your toes

Marketing specialists are skilled in a specific realm of marketing, be it social media, field marketing or even email marketing. They are thus expected to have vast knowledge of the ins and outs of their area of expertise. They often burn the midnight oil before the launch of marketing campaigns. 

All of this makes the job very challenging, and the only way to have a more manageable work-life balance in this space is to get a remote job. That said, the job does pay fairly well, with an average salary of US$71,880 a year. 


Being a lawyer requires being constantly on the job. Most lawyers work 60-80 hours a week, so if you want to pursue this profession, best forget about your weekends and post-work relaxation. Being a lawyer also means there is a lot of pressure to meet the demands of the clients and to complete your billable hours (amount of time for which your client will be charged). 

Of course, as much as this job takes from you, it also gives you a lot back in terms of money. An average lawyer earns about US$120,000 a year. 


There are more than one way that a surgeon has it tough. A surgeon is constantly under the pressure to save lives, and losing a patient despite your best efforts can take a huge toll on even the most professional surgeons. Besides, surgeons can also be called back to work at any point of the day. 

Hence, the job is not only physically taxing but emotionally draining. Much like the previous entry on this list, the job does make up for its grueling conditions by its high salary. An average surgeon earns US$208,000 a year. 

No job promises work-life balance

One common thread you might have noticed, both in the best and worst jobs, is that they all have some sort of catch. Even the jobs with the best work-life balance can become demanding if you let them. If you are not self-disciplined and organized enough, being your own boss or working remotely can take away your work-life balance completely. 

Therefore, a harmony between work and personal life is something you have to carefully decide and work on. It does not come neatly packaged with any job. Make sure you decide wisely what your priorities are to make the most of your job.

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