The Surprising Global Brands That Have Leaped into the Ever-growing NFT Market

The Surprising Global Brands That Have Leaped into the Ever-growing NFT Market

Digital NFT art is booming in all corners, from comic publishers to fast food chains.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) sales have exploded this year, with global brands jumping into the game, bestowing prestige and legitimacy on this form of digital art. Let’s have a look at how international-renowned brands have spurred the popularity and growth of this digital art form.


Collaborating with VeVe Digital Collectibles, Marvel Comics launched a series of Spider-Man and Captain America NFTs at the end of August this year. Users could use the VeVe app via iOS or Android smartphones to hunt and trade the NFT collectibles.

To honor the 80th anniversary of Captain America’s first appearance in the comics back in 1941, a lineup of the First Avenger’s digital statues were released in August. Some of the statue NFTs include him charging into battle with his original tri-shield (valued at US$50); being in animated action as he prepares for battle (valued at US$250); and posing as a soldier and standing proud and tall (valued at US$40).

Marvel also launched a fully-readable digital comic NFT, The Amazing Spider-Man #1, the first issue about the teenage hero’s journey saving a crew of astronauts by getting hold of the malfunctioning spaceship. The comic is well-known and is considered one of the most valuable comic books in history. 


The world’s largest fast food chain released its first ever NFT in honor of McRib’s 40th anniversary and in anticipation of its annual return to the menu. The McRib—a boneless pork sandwich slathered in tangy barbecue sauce and served on a roll with tart pickles and grilled onions— dates back to 1981. It has since become a reliable driver of seasonal traffic for the fast food chain, often marketed using different forms of advertisements, including various “farewell tours” and movie tie-ins

NFTs of the fan-favorite sandwich were given to selected fans on Twitter from November 1 until November 12. According to their press release, fans should retweet McDonald’s post for the chance to win a McRib NFT, so they would “never again have to say goodbye to the sandwich they love.” The winners would need to have a crypto wallet in order to receive the art.


Gucci has also capitalized on the growing NFT market. In June, Gucci auctioned an NFT inspired by its Fall/Winter 2021 collection in an online auction hosted by Christie’s. The NFT draws from Aria, a four-minute film produced by filmmaker Floria Sigismondi and Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele to accompany the runway show. The work is a mix of “dream-like landscape and effervescent energy” and is formatted as a three-channel video playing on a loop. 

This isn’t the first time Gucci has dipped its toes into the digital art market. In March this year, Gucci collaborated with Belarus-based fashion-tech company Wanna and sold its first augmented reality sneakers, The Gucci Virtual 25, for as low as US$9. Buyers can try on the shoes virtually and show off the shoes on Roblox, a popular global online game platform. 

Header image courtesy of Marvel


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