The Coolest Non-Traditional Gifts for This Valentine’s Day

The Coolest Non-Traditional Gifts for this Valentine’s Day

Bored of giving and receiving the clichéd chocolates and flowers every Valentine’s Day?

Want to try something new and interesting to impress your partner? Well, fear not, we have gathered some non-traditional gift options for you to try out this Valentine’s Day!

Food bouquets


The way to the heart is through the stomach. If your loved ones are into grubbing and romantic gestures, food bouquets are the best of both worlds. This versatile, out-of-the-box idea is bound to win some hearts. Be it fried chicken, candies, bacon roses or snacks, the possibilities are endless. Not only are they bound to stand out for their novelty, but they’re also easily DIY-able. So let’s leave the flowers to the bees this Valentine’s Day.

Decorative swords

Image courtesy of @/liv_read_ on TikTok

If the stomach route to the heart did not work, the space between the fourth and fifth ribs also works fine.

(Disclaimer: We jest. Please don’t stab your valentine)

If your valentine is a cosplayer or a high fantasy, comic, anime or Star Wars (just covering all our bases here) fan, then getting their own saber (or a lightsaber) would probably send them over the moon in delight. The trend of gifting one’s partner decorative swords or knives has recently caught up on TikTok as well.

Do look into the local knife laws before making your purchase, though.


Now, before you call us lazy, hear us out. Socks are no longer an unappreciated last minute gift because you couldn’t think of anything else, and the department store was nearby. To the keen (and, dare we say, fashionable) eye, socks are an accessory and a luxury. The right pair of socks can add a funky pop of color to an otherwise bland outfit. The variety of prints and customizable options are truly revolutionary, and anyone who has sunk their feet into a warm, comfy pair of fuzzy socks knows they argue their case themselves.

Meal kits

courtesy of Wellhub

Who are we kidding? The stomach route never fails.

The pandemic may have put a distance between loved ones, but it cannot prevent us from sharing meals. Meal kits can be an endearing way to share a meal and maybe even make a date out of it without the mess and fuss of prep time. With pre-measured kits, one can adjust food types, portions or even dietary preferences. Who knows? You may find yourself looking forward to a brand-new dish together. Food is a universal love language, after all.


Top left:
Top right:
Botton right:courtesy @/dtsuga on Istagram
Botton left:

You know what is another love language? Indulging and appreciating the interests of your loved ones! And merch seems to be the simplest way to do this. 

Get them that K-pop light stick they’ve been wanting, that sports jersey from their favorite team, the limited edition figurines from their favorite franchise, that novel sitting on their to-be-read list and a custom bookmark—you know the drill. Not only does this narrow down your options, it also makes you look observant and invested, which is always a plus.

Want something a little more specific? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Bluetooth trackers

Does your valentine have a tendency to misplace things often? Are keys and wallets their arch-nemesis? Well, klutzes and airheads deserve all the love they can get, and you can show yours by getting them a Bluetooth tracker. From bags to pet collars—these tiny trackers can be attached to anything and linked to the user’s phone, making their location easy to find. No more missing keys before dates! 

Multipurpose desk lamp

Desk Lamp Bluetooth speaker, Urban

Got a neat freak who values efficiency and despises clutter? Support their less-is-more motto with multipurpose desk equipment. Featuring a lamp, a phone stand, pen stand and a Bluetooth speaker in one device, a multipurpose desk lamp will reduce desk clutter and boost work efficiency—your loved one will definitely thank you for it. Even better? They’ll be reminded of you after every productive work session!

Banner Image courtesy of Unsplash.


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