Tata Communications Acquires The Switch, Paving the Way for Digital Innovation

Tata Communications Acquires The Switch, Paving the Way for Digital Innovation

Tata Communications adds live video production to its suite of products. 

Tata Communications, the global digital ecosystem enabler, has completed its US$58.8 million-worth acquisition of The Switch Enterprises. 

Tata Communications’ wholly owned international subsidiary, Tata Communications (Netherlands) B.V., entered into a definitive agreement to acquire The Switch Enterprises on December 22, 2022. The acquisition is expected to combine the strengths of both Tata Communications and The Switch to create end-to-end video production and transmission capabilities for high-quality and immersive live video experiences across different screens and devices. This way, customers get a more immersive and seamless video experience.

According to the President and CEO of The Switch, Eric Cooney, “This acquisition by Tata Communications is a key milestone in our growth journey and enables us to expand our horizons. Together with Tata Communications, we are excited to step up our customers’ growth journeys, enhance viewer experiences, and expand globally.” 

The Switch, founded in 1991 and headquartered in New York, has been a market leader in live production and transmission services for almost three decades. Its comprehensive production platform enables customers to capture, edit and package compelling, high-quality live coverage cost-effectively. It has an extensive network with over 800 companies, including broadcasters, sports venues and streaming platforms. The network helps connect production facilities with these companies, making sharing live content worldwide easy.

According to the Chief Strategy Officer of Tata Communications, Tri Pham, combining expertise from both companies will benefit enterprises and sports federations, enabling them to deliver fast-paced and interactive entertainment to viewers worldwide.

Emphasizing the same point, the Global Head of the Media and Entertainment Business at Tata Communications, Dhaval Ponda, added that the acquisition would enhance their capabilities to deliver managed services and global edge platforms for the media and entertainment industry. 

Global edge platforms are computer systems spread out in different locations worldwide, closer to where people use them. They help make accessing websites and apps faster and more reliable and can also process and store large amounts of information. They are essential for new technologies like 5G, IoT, and AI, which must work quickly and efficiently. Think of them as a network of computers that work together to make the internet faster and more accessible.

Ponda said, “These are exciting times in the world of video production for us to make a difference for enterprises and engage consumers. Together, we are leveraging the expertise of both companies to bring some never-before-known experiences for fans globally—whether they are playing esports, watching a live tournament or live streaming a concert. We welcome and wish our colleagues from The Switch all the very best for their future.”

With the completion of this transaction, The Switch Enterprises will join the Media and Entertainment Services (MES) business of Tata Communications under the leadership of Dhaval Ponda. The future looks bright for these two powerhouse companies as they prepare to revolutionize the world of video production and transmission.

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Press release link: https://www.tatacommunications.com/press-release/tata-communications-completes-acquisition-of-the-switch-enterprises/


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