Singapore’s OneView Bags US$2.96 Million for Document Management Revolution in Southeast Asia

Singapore's OneView Bags US$2.96 Million for Document Management Revolution in Southeast Asia

With OneView, users can effortlessly retrieve and manage their important files from a centralized platform. 

Singaporean-based startup OneView Pte Ltd has raised US$2.96 million (SGD4 million) in seed funding from ADERA Global, Beyon Connect and Cumulo9. The funds will fuel the launch of an advanced digital platform that enables secure document communication and offers value-added e-services. The platform aims to provide a convenient, sustainable, and spam-free digital experience while facilitating secure communications among the government, agencies, businesses and individuals in Singapore. This initiative is in line with Singapore’s Smart Nation Vision and the objective of accelerating digitalization. 

OneView’s platform seeks to revolutionize bill payments by streamlining digital communications between consumers and senders. Through digital post box and communication services, users can access their documents and communications from multiple billers and senders within a single app. By leveraging Singapore as a testbed, OneView aims to set a benchmark for innovative and eco-friendly digital solutions that enhance people’s lives. 

CEO of OneView, LEE Kok How, expressed the company’s mission to revolutionize bill payment and document management, simplifying processes and helping Singapore achieve its vision of becoming a Smart Nation. The support from investors reinforces their confidence in setting a new standard for digital bill payment services in the region.

Key backers in the seed funding stage

Leading the seed funding stage are prominent industry players: ADERA Global, Beyon Connect, and Cumulo9. These strategic partnerships empower OneView’s platform to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the needs of both consumers and senders.

ADERA Global, based in Singapore, specializes in data security and automation, catering to global banks, financial institutions, telecommunications companies, and government agencies. Beyon Connect, a division of the Bahrain-based Beyon Group, provides new technologies, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms and advanced IT solutions for the public and private sectors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Headquartered in New Zealand, Cumulo9 provides business services for digital document delivery and customer communications management (CCM) solutions throughout the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

CEO of Beyon Connect, Christian Rasmussen, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing their shared focus on digital innovation, sustainability and secure communication platforms. Together, they aim to revolutionize communication and connectivity in the ASEAN region through the OneView platform.

Emphasis on sustainability

In alignment with Singapore’s focus on sustainability and green economic growth under the Singapore Green Plan 2030, OneView is dedicated to promoting sustainable development and reducing paper waste. By offering digital billing statements and convenient payment options, OneView encourages consumers to transition to paperless billing, contributing to Singapore’s environmental goals.

The successful seed funding of US$2.96 million sets the stage for OneView’s revolutionary platform, which seeks to transform document management and bill payments in Southeast Asia. With strategic partnerships and a strong commitment to sustainability, OneView is well-positioned to set a new standard for secure and convenient digital communications in the region.

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