Cleveland Talent Network Expands as UnifyWork Secures an Extra US$3 Million in Capital

Cleveland Talent Network Expands as UnifyWork Secures an Extra US$3 Million in Capital

UnifyWork: Matching skills, connecting opportunities and banishing job-hunting frustrations.

UnifyWork, a workforce intelligence platform for equitable regional talent networks, has raised an additional US$3 million in funding, bringing their total funding to US$7.5 million. The funds will support UnifyWork in its mission to empower and engage the workforce, benefiting individuals, businesses and communities. 

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, UnifyWork was established in 2017 as a spin-out of the nonprofit organization UnifyLabs, with a focus on driving inclusive prosperity. Leveraging their patented skills-based matching technology, UnifyWork connects jobseekers with nearly 1,000 occupations across the U.S. that are documented by the Occupational Information Network and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Moving forward, UnifyWork is dedicated to promoting job opportunities that offer livable or higher wages, reflecting its commitment to advancing inclusive prosperity. The company is actively strengthening partnerships with community colleges and K–12 schools to support student career development goals.

Stephen McHale, the Founder and CEO of UnifyWork, emphasized that their innovative skills-based matching technology aims to address talent shortages. The platform goes beyond traditional job boards and staffing agencies by connecting employers with individuals who possess unique skills and interests. It also empowers jobseekers to find meaningful work and explore career development opportunities throughout their professional journey. 

In January 2023, UnifyWork hosted FlashHired, a virtual hiring event aimed at addressing the challenges of lengthy hiring processes and limited engagement between employers and jobseekers. This event proved successful, resulting in a significant number of hires within a few days. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, the average time-to-hire, involving multiple interviews, typically spans around 43 days. However, candidates often seek other opportunities if the process becomes excessively prolonged or if communication is delayed. FlashHired effectively addressed these issues by providing a specific timeframe for real-time engagement, leading to a more streamlined hiring process.

McHale highlighted FlashHired as a prominent illustration of their commitment to addressing talent shortages and the limitations of traditional hiring methods. During the event, approximately 75% of candidates were matched using UnifyWork’s patented algorithm, with 50% of these matches progressing to the interview stage. 

Nick DiCicco, Director of the Chagrin Valley Dispatch, shared a positive experience with UnifyWork, emphasizing how the platform provided tailored candidates for their job openings and resulted in the successful hiring of three individuals. Similarly, Gavin Stephens, Director of Talent and Engagement for the Cleveland Cavaliers, commended the platform’s simple user interface.

With recent funding and its innovative skills-based matching technology, UnifyWork is positioned as a promising workforce intelligence platform. Their mission to empower individuals, businesses and communities, along with their focus on driving inclusive prosperity and streamlining hiring processes sets them up for continued growth and positive impact.

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