Oscar Winning Film Encanto Teaches Us 7 Business Lessons

Oscar Winning Film Encanto Teaches Us 7 Business Lessons

We don’t talk about Bruno, but we do talk about business!

Last year gave us a lot of gems when it came to youth-oriented movies, be it Spider-Man: No Way Home or Encanto. Not only did these movies bring the action and some great music, they also left behind some valuable lessons for startups. Here, we are taking a closer look at Encanto, the 2021 Disney movie that revolves around a family whose members—except one, Mirabel—are gifted with magical powers. Mirabel is often cast aside by her grandmother, Abuela Alma, because she didn’t receive any powers.

However, when Mirabel discovers that the magic is fading, she is determined to save it. And she is not alone in doing so. Isn’t that what a successful business is about anyway: working together to build a solution to a problem faced by one’s target audience?

With that in mind, here are seven business lessons you can learn from Encanto:

Conventional isn’t always good

If Mirabel, too, had magical powers, would she be able to save everybody? Probably. But the point is, she did so without any. Just because everyone else possesses a certain quality doesn’t mean you need it to succeed, either. Think beyond the convention and make the most of what you have. Rest assured, if your spirit is anything like Mirabel’s, you will come through with flying colors. 

And remember, in the end, it wasn’t the powers that saved everyone. It was Mirabel’s empathy and passion for never giving up.

Be open to trying new things

Mirabel’s sister Isabela’s magical power is that she can grow flowers wherever she wants with a flick of her hand. Her power is associated with beauty, a feature she is celebrated for. So much so that she is always expected to be the perfect, beautiful child who will get married and carry the family line forward. However, she soon realizes that that is not what she wants. And upon exploring her powers more, she finds that not only can she produce beautiful flowers, but she can also produce exotic plants, like cacti and sundews. 

When it comes to trying new things, don’t be afraid of failing or falling short. After all, that’s how you discover unique aspects that work for your business. 

Don’t ignore your critics

When Mirabel told her grandmother, the matriarch of the family, that the magic was fading and the house—Casita—was falling apart, the latter simply yelled at Mirabel and told her off. In the end, the grandmother had to rely on Mirabel to save the house. So, if your critics point out your flaws, don’t turn a blind eye to them. Prioritize customer feedback. It will help you build a better business after all. 

It’s important to de-stress

Luisa, Mirabel’s sister, is the strong one. She can move mountains, goats, you name it. However, a burden she is unable to move is the one placed on her shoulders. She feels the pressure to protect her family from harm, thus boosting her stress levels and affecting her magic powers. Launching a startup is a stressful business. And if you don’t cull out time to destress, you might experience burnout and make poor business decisions. So, make sure that you balance your work and life. 

Build a team that thrives on collaboration

Had the Madrigal family not worked together to revive Casita, they would have been left without a home and powers. Ultimately, the success of your team depends on collaboration between your team members. 

If things don’t go your way, don’t give up

When Mirabel’s ostracized uncle Bruno—known to predict the future (usually a negative one)—was trying to conjure up a vision to help Mirabel save the magic, he came up with many that were unsatisfactory. But he didn’t give up. With some additional focus, he produced a vision that Mirabel could actually see through. So, if things aren’t going your way, perhaps it’s time to switch up your tactics, try a new strategy or attempt the same thing differently. Just don’t throw in the towel!

Don’t aim for perfection

Throughout the movie, you can see how Isabela and Luisa, though conventionally perfect in their strengths, were burdened by the magic they possessed. In their bid to be the ideal child, they weren’t able to explore their identity fully and felt stressed all the time. So, when building a business, don’t aim for perfection. Instead, keep experimenting with your business. In this dynamic economic environment, it helps to explore new things that your company can optimize on. 

For more inspiration, just press play on the Encanto playlist! 

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