Navigating the Complicated World of Influencer Marketing with Shout!

Navigating the Complicated World of Influencer Marketing with Shout!

With Shout’s easy-to-navigate platform, you no longer need to “Shout!” about your brand from the rooftops.

The global influencer market has risen over the past couple of years. According to research conducted by Statista, its value has gone from US$1.7 billion in 2016 to US$16.4 billion in 2022. Understanding the profitability of being on social media, many have started trying their hand at becoming influencers

But, of course, making money on social media isn’t easy for influencers or brands. This is where Shout! comes in. Shout! is a Thailand-based ad manager for influencer marketing that helps companies find the right influencers to work with. It also aids influencers in getting advertisers and, in turn, monetizing their content. If you want to know more about Shout!, here is a detailed rundown of how the company works with influencer marketers.

Shout! for influencers

Shout! has over 5,000 influencers registered on its platforms. These influencers come from every tier (from those with over a million followers to those with 1k followers). But the leading group of influencers it works with are micro-influencers (those with 50k to 10k followers) and nano-influencers (those with 1k to 10k followers). Irrespective of the audience size, the main criteria for Shout! is finding influencers with high engagement. 

To start with Shout!, an influencer must sign up for an account on the super app (these allow access to mini apps through one platform) Line. They can then use Line to create an account on Shout! and connect their social media accounts to it. 

The app gathers insights from influencers’ social media accounts, such as how many views their posts/stories receive and how actively people engage with their content. It uses this data to give the influencer a fair idea of how much money they can expect from a post or story. The influencer can go over and under this suggested price to quote the cost of their services as they see fit. They also have complete control over who they choose to work with. If the brand also agrees to work with the influencer, they are sent the details of the post they are expected to make. 

Influencers can send drafts of the posts and clarify any issues they might have with the client brief through the Shout! platform. The influencer gets paid for each post within 15 days of posting, and that too directly to their bank account, all on the Line app itself. 

Shout! for marketers 

On the marketing side of things, Shout! provides companies with detailed insights into the influencer. This includes their audience’s interests, age and gender, to name a few. The platform informs marketers how much they should pay an influencer based on their social media performance. The marketer can then compare this figure with the price set by the influencer to see whether hiring them would be financially viable. 

It helps cut down the effort of planning influencer marketing campaigns by facilitating the tasks of finding influencers, negotiating with them and approving posts on one platform. It even provides marketers with templates of how the posts would look and gives them an estimate of how the campaign can be expected to perform. 

Shout! has a built-in campaign management dashboard that gives the marketer updates on the progress of a campaign. They can use the dashboard to seamlessly approve posts or request corrections without going through multiple rounds of back-and-forth communication with each influencer they have hired for the campaign. Shout! has worked with many major clients, including the e-commerce giant Shopee and the Thai health and beauty brand Pavitree. It has an organic reach of over 100,000+

How do Shout’s marketing campaigns perform?

Shout’s influencer campaign with Shopee proved to be especially effective. It recruited over 120 nano-influencers for Shopee to work with while keeping the budget as low as possible. The campaign required influencers to share Instagram stories to promote the vouchers Shopee was giving out as a part of its 5.5 sales campaign. 

Fifty thousand people collectively viewed the stories, and 15% of all those who viewed the influencers’ stories clicked the coupons they linked. Overall, it led to a 153% increase in Shopee’s sales. These numbers were exceptionally high, given that the campaign only hired nano-influencers. All of this should tell you that Shout’s influencer campaigns deliver effective results, all while making the process of influencer marketing easier to manage. 

Shout’s plans for the future 

According to the CEO and co-Founder of Shout!, Jirapath Bunyawetcheewin (Oat), the company’s first goal is to penetrate the influencer market and improve its functioning. In the long run, Shout! plans to expand into influencer commerce (using influencers as marketing tools to sell goods and services). “We believe that at the end of the day, influencers function like sales channels,” he says. Thus, the company is developing a business model where influencers can promote live commerce (instant purchasing of products by the audience through live chat), thereby optimizing sales and marketing for brands. The company has focused all its efforts on the Thai market but intends to expand to other countries. 

If you want to promote your business with the Thai audience or want to know more about Shout!, you can do so by looking at their website.

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