Metaverse Dating and Dumping: The Pros, Cons and Caveats

Metaverse Dating and Dumping: The Pros, Cons and Caveats

Metaverse relationships, just like in the real world, can get messy. But if everything goes well, you might just find your life partner!

If you’ve had enough of traditional online and in-person dating and can’t deal with any more failed experiences, perhaps it is time to try dating in the metaverse. 

Metaverse dating refers to virtual dating or romantic relationships within virtual reality environments, often as part of online gaming or social media platforms. In a metaverse, individuals can interact with each other through avatars, which are digital representations of themselves. They can engage in activities together, such as exploring virtual worlds, participating in games and even dating. The experience is similar to real-life dating, with the added benefit of being able to control one’s appearance and environment, which can make individuals feel more confident and comfortable. And if all goes well, you can even marry your virtual S.O. in the metaverse!

However, it is essential to remember that not everything in a metaverse is genuine. Approach metaverse relationships cautiously and understand the limitations of this type of interaction.

Platforms for metaverse dating

If you want to get started with metaverse dating, here are some popular platforms:

  1. Second Life: This virtual world has a host of subsidiaries, including its dating app Thundr, Lonely Hearts Dating Agency and Actually Love Dating Agency. Users can create avatars and interact with other users. People can also go on virtual dates, such as taking walks in the forest, dancing the tango, playing board games, etc.
  1. Flirtual: A dedicated dating app, Flirtual gives you a semblance of IRL dating, as you can go about it as you would normally. People can use the app to decide where to meet in the metaverse—perhaps a coffee shop—through the online virtual world VRChat. As per the app’s creators, “[Flirtual is for a] vibe check in VR before sending IRL pics or video calling.”
  1. Nevermet: It is a metaverse dating service through which you can meet other VR aficionados. You upload virtual avatars as photos of yourself, and, like Tinder, you swipe left and right on others’ profiles, hoping to find someone interesting!
  1. Planet Theta: Launching this Valentine’s Day, this virtual platform enables dating by emphasizing chemistry. When you start using the app, you will meet multiple people, and the app will help you determine whether they will be worthy matches in the real world. From nightclubs to coffee dates, Planet Theta allows you to visit many places with your date to gauge how well you fit. 

Pros of metaverse dating

  1. Convenience: Dating in the metaverse can be done from anywhere with an internet connection, making it more accessible for people who may have difficulty meeting potential partners in real life.
  1. Anonymity: Users can choose to remain anonymous, making them feel more comfortable opening up and being themselves in the virtual environment.
  1. Master your style: People can create avatars that represent how they want to look rather than how they actually look, which can help them feel more confident and self-assured when dating.
  1. Flexibility: In the virtual world, users can participate in a broader range of activities and experiences than are possible in real life, such as visiting virtual destinations, attending virtual events and trying virtual experiences.

Cons of metaverse dating

  1. No physical intimacy: While metaverse dating can provide an emotional connection, it cannot provide the physical touch and intimacy that real-life relationships can offer.
  1. Deception: People can easily deceive others by misrepresenting themselves in the virtual world, which can lead to disappointments and heartbreaks. Moreover, there are chances that individuals on these platforms are only looking for friendships. If that’s not what you’re interested in, you could be disappointed. 
  1. Investing time and resources: Participating in metaverse dating requires significant time and resources, such as a high-quality computer or VR headset and a strong internet connection. Technical glitches can throw a significant spanner in the works of your online date. For instance, you might not be able to control your avatar’s movements promptly, or your voice might lag, making any attempts of spontaneous flirting fruitless.  
  1. Isolation: Spending time in the virtual world can lead to disconnection from real-life relationships and activities, adversely affecting mental and physical health.

Dumping in the metaverse: less personal or more complicated?

So you’ve used some of these metaverse dating platforms and dated, and your date broke up with you. Just because you got dumped in the metaverse doesn’t mean it’s any less painful. You might still want to sob into a tub of ice cream to get over a virtual breakup. Here’s what breaking up in the metaverse can look like:

  • Lack of non-verbal cues: When breaking up in the virtual world, the lack of any non-verbal emotional cues might make one feel less attached to the relationship. This can make the break-up feel less personal and less impactful. However, if you’ve got too attached to your significant other’s online persona, the break-up might suck for you. 
  • Anonymity: Depending on how anonymous both partners remained in the virtual relationship, it may be easier to end things in the virtual world compared to real life. This might make the ending feel less emotional, but it can also make it harder to reconcile if desired.
  • Dividing your assets: If the couple has created or accumulated virtual assets together, such as virtual homes or virtual gifts, disagreements about how to divide these assets after the breakup may exist.
  • Continuing interaction: In some virtual worlds, avoiding the other person after the break-up may be difficult, as they may still be in the same virtual environment. This can make moving on more difficult.
  • Virtual support systems: Breaking up in the virtual world can be isolating and lonely, as virtual support systems may not be as robust as in real life. It is crucial to seek out virtual or real-life support to help heal.

Breaking up in the virtual world can be difficult, but being honest and clear about your feelings and seeking support can help make the process easier.

The heart gets involved whether you date and dump in the metaverse or in real life. And when it does, there’s no telling how things could turn out. Maybe your metaverse boyfriend or girlfriend will be much better than any real-life alternatives! So, go on and try your luck in the virtual world. 

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