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How Effective Are AI Content Detectors

How Effective Are AI Content Detectors?

We have come a long way from identifying whether the viral dress was blue and black or white and gold. Today, there’s a new battle underway: distinguishing between human and machine-generated content.

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Interactive Learning with Augmented Reality

Interactive Learning with Augmented Reality: Applications, Benefits and Challenges

Ever wondered what it would be like if your textbooks could talk, if the illustrations in your lessons could come to life, or if you could step into history rather than just read about it? Welcome to the world of augmented reality (AR) in education! Like a magic wand, AR can turn the abstract into tangible and the mundane into extraordinary, unfolding boundless educational possibilities.

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Is ChatGPT a Threat to Writers?

Not too long ago, we snuggled in our self-assured, complacent shell, believing that artificial intelligence (AI) wouldn’t reign in the spheres of art and writing. Its primary function, after all, was to curate content from the existing databases.

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Why You Should Learn Coding Before It's Too Late

Why You Should Learn Coding Before It’s Too Late

Almost at par with literacy and numeracy, coding has developed into a viable, new language, essential for comprehending, interpreting and impacting the contemporary digital world. It’s a language that transcends age boundaries, benefiting young learners just starting their educational journey,

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