Can AI Help You Flirt Better?

Can AI Help You Flirt Better

Yes, it can! Start making your Valentine’s Day plans, for AI has your back.

“Excuse me, but I think you dropped something: my jaw.” This is the pick-up line the famous artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT dished out when we asked for some viable options. Not the most original, sure, but not bad for a trained algorithm. 

Today, romance is flourishing online. You can get married in the metaverse and date using virtual algorithm-based apps. However, those are the best-case scenarios. To make those happen, you must first find someone to love or like. If you’re like Chandler from the iconic sitcom FRIENDS, struggling to flirt and are “hopeless, awkward and desperate for love”, perhaps AI can be your wingman.

AI can help you get better results in your flirting endeavors by analyzing the situation and providing personalized guidance. It can also suggest the right words and offer tailored advice based on your personality and the other person’s. Here are some ways AI can help up your flirting game:

Pick-up lines and custom flirting suggestions

To help break the ice, you can use AI tools like Chat GPT and Hyperwrite to generate ideas for pick-up lines. For instance, we asked the two AI chatbots to flirt with us, and here’s what they said: “I’m not a photographer, but I can definitely picture us together” (ChatGPT) and “Hey, you must be a magnet, cause I’m feeling an attraction” (Hyperwrite). Yes, these AI tools roll out clichés, but sometimes, these seal the deal. 

AI can also offer suggestions based on your unique circumstances. For instance, YourMove AI is an “AI-generated flirting support” tool developed by data scientists Dmitri Mirakyan and Jeffrey Li. Based on user-provided information or screenshots, the AI sends out messages or responses that are “flirty”, “funny” and “formal”. Another AI tool is Keys, which requires your keyboard access to type out flirtatious responses.

You also get AI-generated breakup texts for a premium version of the app.

Chats on your behalf

Instead of going back and forth with AI tools, just let them take over. For many people, the fear of rejection or the fear of making a bad impression can be a significant barrier to flirting effectively. AI can help ‌mitigate these fears by doing the work for you.

29-year-old software engineer Anthony Riera developed an AI bot that talked to over 30 of his Tinder matches. One of them even asked him out, but he declined. In many cases, AI can speak on your behalf, and if you’ve got the coding abilities, you can make it sound as close to your style as possible.

Analyze the conversation

Once you start chatting, it might be tricky to understand whether the other party is reciprocating positively or not. AI can help with that, too. Researchers at Stanford University have developed a machine learning-based flirtation detection system that helps understand whether a dialog is intended as flirtatious or not. It found that humans are terrible judges of flirting and might miss it if it hits them in the face. The system can detect someone’s intent to flirt with over 70% accuracy. 

Tools like such will ensure you don’t miss out on prime flirtation opportunities and grapple with the eternal conundrum typically solved by plucking rose petals—do they like me or not? With AI, you can be more confident when flirting with someone and avoid misinterpretations.

Check your compatibility 

So your flirting worked, and now you’ve got a partner—congratulations! However, now is the real test for your relationship, where you assess your compatibility. There are online quizzes and relationship therapists to help you find that. But there’s also AI. 

An Imperial College Business School study found that devices, like Alexa and Google Home, can listen in on your conversations and gauge how you argue. It can help predict how successful your relationship will be. Also, these tools can help mitigate arguments by offering solutions based on emotional reactions. 

If all else fails, woo the AI

Can AI fall in love? Perhaps. Technology might not have feelings—although the jury is still out on Google’s sentient AI chatbot; however, it can be a great practice ground, and you have nothing to lose! One user flirted with an AI chatbot, then deleted it to move on to the next. Another chatbot, Slutbot, sexts and flirts with users while teaching them about boundaries and consent—an excellent practice for talking to someone in real life. 

Still, if you can’t find a human date, perhaps an AI girlfriend or boyfriend, such as one by Romantic AI or Anima, might be perfect for you. In fact, Anima has a no-strings clause, so you can keep your options open (what a world we live in!)

AI can be a valuable aid in helping people flirt better by offering tips, suggestions and personalized advice. However, it’s important to keep in mind that AI is only as good as the data it’s trained on. Its responses might be cringe-y, and you also risk losing your potential soulmate once they discover that you are nothing like you sound in text. Ultimately, the essence of successful flirting lies in building a genuine connection with another person. AI can be a helpful tool but can never replace the human touch.

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