What Motivated You To Start Your Own Business?

What Motivated You To Start Your Own Business

Whether motivated by a childhood dream or to escape the 9-to-5, most of us have a personal story that ignited our be-your-own-boss fire.  We’ve asked young people what motivated them, and here’s what they said. While their stories and motivations are different, they would all agree that it’s an incredible feeling to work for yourself.

I realized that in order for me to make it into the “real world” I had to create a platform for people to know who I am and what I love – journalism. My purpose for creating a website was to become my own boss and to create a path to success all while uplifting others! Jhana Murphy, 25, founder of Rich Off Life, an entertainment-news website.

When I was an adolescent I quickly realized the power of self appearance. When you look good you feel good and people will address you how you dress yourself. I was shopping for a new wardrobe and the things I wanted were either extremely expensive or cheap but nothing I would wear — nothing that is unique. I went home that day frustrated because I wanted to buy some new clothes but nothing stood out to me. Upon asking around I realized other people also liked unique clothing so I decided to design the clothes I’d want to wear. What started as a new creative hobby turned into a lucrative business filled with bits of self discovery. The brand Grand Royalty Inc. symbolizes the high end customer who values quality products at an right price that they can buy again and again. The brand identity is the core of the brand with a philosophy of quality, creativity, innovation and grand customer service. We make quality products that last because we put our customers first.” Lacoy Todman, 22, founder of Grand Royalty,  a luxury inspired menswear and women’s couture line.

“I decided to become a fashion designer because I love fashion, the art of it – and the craft. The way you can design and make someone feel like they’re from a fairytale. When I design a sense of home is felt. I felt like this is what I am supposed to do.” Yaw Boateng, 23, founder Le Rêver, a fashion company .

“I started to get into baking because of the show Cake Boss. I was so amazed by what the baker and his team were able to create with cake and all types of edible products. I began by baking for my family and close friends and later turned it into a business. This is what I love to do, so it never feels like work. Anytime I see the reaction of a customer when they see their order, it makes me want to continue to do what I do, so I can put that smile on more faces.” Justina Ragoonanan, 23, founder of Jus Desserts, a baking company,

“The professor was amazing and the lessons he taught the class were motivating to me. The thought of owning my own business slowly became a dream of mine. The thought of waking up and not feeling like “ugh I have to go to work” was ideal.” Stephanie Avril, 21, founder of Mèlangè designs

“The spark for my business was ignited by my love for hair and make-up in my high school years. I began thinking how awesome it would be to wear my own hair and promote something I loved. I know wearing my own hair would make me feel externally and internally gorgeous so I went for it.”  Angela Senat, 23, founder of Beauty Lush Bundles, a seller of premium virgin hair with a variety of origins, textures and quality, called

“What motivated me to get it going was the love I have for making people laugh. I love attention and I knew I would get a lot of viewers on my work so I put my talents to use. I really want a better life then the one I have now.”  Wavon Waters, 23, founder of Wavey’s World, an entertainment company that provides the public with skits and short films.

“When I got kicked me out my the house, I thought it was the end of the world, but it wasn’t…it was just the beginning. I promised myself from that day forward that I wouldn’t follow the same mistakes as my mother. In an odd way she was my motivation; proving her wrong, and letting her know that I will do better without her.”  Kabrea Thomas, 21, founder of Fashionably Yours, an image consulting company.

By Oumou Fofana


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