What Is SleepTech and Does It Work?


Having difficulty achieving quality sleep? Try out these SleepTech products to sleep better.

Many people nowadays find themselves sleeping for less than the recommended 7 hours each night. Many more struggle to fall asleep, no matter because of external stimulation, stress or distractions. The pandemic has only made matters worse, where reports of insomnia have spiked around the world. Not getting enough sleep results in high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, an impaired immune system and a greater risk of death. To counter this, we can look to SleepTech for help. 

SleepTech, also known as Polysomnographic Technology, includes the process of monitoring, recording and analyzing data during a person’s sleep and measures wakefulness. Nowadays, there are all kinds of smart tech products, such as mobile apps and sleep tracker devices, that monitor our health condition and also improve the quality of our nightly shut-eye.

Mobile apps

While it’s true that blue light is often a contributor to inadequate sleep, our mobile phones can actually help us sleep better, if we know how to use them properly. Mindfulness apps, such as Headspace and Buddhify, can help people de-stress and sleep better through simple breathing and meditation exercises. Other apps, such as Proactive Sleep, help record our sleep movements and improve our sleep quality by providing personalized lifestyle tips.

Smart pillows

A good pillow is vital to quality sleep. Doctors generally recommend a more supportive pillow that doesn’t flatten easily, as the neck alignment in firm pillows can help avoid strains and pains. 

Some smart pillows provide extra help by regulating your body temperature and allowing you to adjust the inner filling to your desired firmness. Some pillows can even detect your snoring patterns and will adjust your sleep position without waking you up.

Smart mattresses

A good pillow cannot do the job alone–we need a good mattress too. Smart mattresses usually have special features, such as reactive memory foam, temperature regulation, customizable firmness and a built-in sleep tracking function, that promise to make you fall asleep at the snap of your fingers.

Blue light filtering goggles

Blue light suppresses the body’s release of melatonin, a hormone that makes us feel sleepy. Filtering goggles help block the blue light emanating from not just our phone screens, but also from light bulbs and TVs placed around our homes. Putting on the goggles a few hours before bedtime helps prepare our brains to settle in for our nightly shut-eye.

Smart sleep light

Smart sleep lights produce soothing light and gentle sounds that help people fall asleep. Some can even monitor the temperature, humidity and noise levels in the bedroom to help create the ideal conditions for sleep. In the morning, they also wake you up. Unlike a traditional alarm clock, it doesn’t emit blaring sounds that force you to get out of bed. Instead, a soft yellow light simulating the natural sunrise will rouse you from your deep sleep phases. 

While it’s been widely acknowledged that technology can be a contributor to sleepless nights, some technologies are worth trying out so that even the restless can experience sweet dreams.

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