What Are the Cheapest Cryptopunks?

What Are the Cheapest Cryptopunks

Wanna buy an “affordable” Cryptopunk? Here are some that might be within your budget.

What do Jay Z, Logan Paul and the financial services company Visa have in common? (besides the fact that all three have a lot of money, of course!) All three own some Cryptopunks. Cryptopunks are rapidly becoming extremely popular in the non-fungible token (NFT) space. 

Cryptopunks are a collection of unique collectible characters made by Larva Labs. They are one of the earliest series of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. A clear testament to their popularity is the fact that three of the most expensive NFTs ever sold are Cryptopunks. As of November 2021, Cryptopunks have amassed a sales volume of US$107 million. So now that we know that Cryptopunks are a playing field for the rich, what you might be wondering is what are the cheapest Cryptopunks for sale at the moment? Let’s take a look!

Cryptopunk 489

Cryptopunk 489

Cryptopunk 489 is one of the 3,560 Cryptopunks to have two attributes— the classic shades that only 502 other punks have; and a Do-rag on its head that only 300 other punks have. This Cryptopunk is owned by address vip66.et…, and is currently up for sale for US$379,278. There are no current bids on this Cryptopunk.

Cryptopunk  5011

Cryptopunk 5011 is one of the 3,840 female Cryptopunks. It has two attributes, much like the previous entry on this list. The Cryptopunk has straight dark hair that only 148 punks have; and a cigarette that only 961 other punks have. The punk is currently owned by address 0x6d6a44. It is up for sale for US$408,981 and has no bids at the moment.

Cryptopunk 8409

Cryptopunk 8409 is one of the 6,039 male Cryptopunks. It is owned by address 0xd7715b. It is one of the 4,501 punks to have three attributes—muttonchops that only 303 other punks have; a shaved head that only 300 other punks have; and an eye patch which only 461 other punks have. It is up for sale for US$411,266 and there are currently no bids on this punk. 

Cryptopunk 3970

Cryptopunk 3970 is another female Cryptopunk on this list. It is owned by address 0xd0c78a and is up for sale for US$388,418. It has a tassel hat that only 178 other punks have; an earring that only 2459 other punks have; and clown eyes blue which only 384 other punks have. There are currently no bids on this punk.

Cryptopunk 7897

Cryptopunk 7897 is also one of the female Cryptopunks. Cryptopunk 7897 has a red mohawk that only 147 punks have; hot lipstick that only 696 punks have; and clown eyes blue. It is currently owned by address 0xa1feee and is for sale for US$388,418. It is the cheapest Cryptopunk up for sale right now and has no bids at the moment.

These are the cheapest punks you can buy at the moment, and yet all their costs still run into several hundred thousand dollars. Cryptopunks owe their high values to a wide variety of factors, like scarcity and popularity. Dylan Field, the former owner of Cryptopunk 7804 (one of the most expensive NFTs ever) has even likened his punk to the digital Mona Lisa. If you want a digital Mona Lisa of your own and don’t want to spend millions, the entries on this list would be your best bet.

All images courtesy of Larva Labs


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