Treefera Raises US$2.2 Million to Transform the Carbon Offset Industry with AI

Treefera Raises US$2.2 Million to Transform the Carbon Offset Industry with AI

Treefera uses AI and global tree data to revolutionize carbon offsetting and conservation.

Treefera, a UK-based artificial intelligence (AI)-powered data platform focusing on forest data and conservation, has raised US$2.2 million in a pre-Seed funding round. Treefera’s transformative platform aims to reshape the carbon offset market and address a sector predicted to reach US$250 billion by 2050. The funding round was led by Concept Ventures, with notable contributions from Twin Path Ventures, January Ventures and Greg Lavender, Intel’s CTO, participating as an angel investor. 

Treefera’s inception came from a collaboration between Jonathan Horn, once a Managing Director at J.P. Morgan and a theoretical physicist, and Caroline Grey, the ex-Chief Customer Officer at UiPath. Their vision was to elevate the carbon offset industry’s accuracy, transparency and efficiency. By harnessing advanced AI and an expansive data set that maps over a trillion trees worldwide, Treefera’s platform addresses the intricacies of carbon offsetting and conservation.

Horn highlighted Treefera’s potential, viewing it as a game-changer in the way the world perceives forest data and conservation. “Our platform enables instant analysis & insights of carbon offset projects, and critically allows easy integration of that trusted data into our clients’ analytics environment through an API. We’re thrilled to have esteemed investors on board who share our vision of a more transparent and impactful carbon offset market,” stated Horn.

Echoing Horn’s sentiments, Reece Chowdhry from Concept Ventures lauded Treefera’s innovative approach. “The Treefera platform and its exceptional team impressed us beyond measure. This innovation not only contributes to the fight against climate change but also offers businesses, governments, and landowners a compelling commercial opportunity. With Treefera, trust and accuracy are injected into carbon offset projects, positioning tree conservation as the smart and essential choice.”

A deeper dive into Treefera’s offerings

A standout feature of Treefera is its ability to streamline the traditionally lengthy procedure of measuring, reporting and verifying (MRV) carbon credits, delivering instant results. This efficiency results from a blend of deep learning models and unique AI search methodologies. Treefera thus stands as the inaugural platform to provide such in-depth analysis at a large scale.

The platform caters to a range of clients: assurers, insurers, traders and landowners, spanning numerous countries, regions and almost 200 forest projects. Through its API, it integrates seamlessly with client analytics tools. The platform’s enhanced real-time data—encompassing tree health, carbon absorption, and “reversal risks” such as fires and floods—seeks to refine the valuation of carbon credits, offering a potential boost to the global offset market during this pivotal time for environmental concerns.

Treefera aims to utilize the recent funding to upgrade its platform, grow its workforce and amplify its global footprint. The Treefera advisory board is fortified by the expertise of notable figures. Among them are Manuela Veloso, recently elected to the National Academy of Engineering, Professor Emerita at Carnegie Mellon University, and currently the Head of AI Research at J.P. Morgan, as well as Mark Lacey, who serves as the Head of Global Resource Equities at Schroders.

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