Top Three Online Job Portals in China for English-Speakers

Top Three Online Job Portals in China for English-Speakers

Take a look to see which popular job search website in China suits you the most!

China is a fast-growing economy and currently boasts the second-largest economy in the world behind the United States. Many people from around the world have tried searching for jobs and achieving career success in the country. The majority of English-speaking people in China find work in multinational companies that are mostly located in metropolitan Shanghai and Beijing. Popular job sectors in China include banking and financial services, technology, engineering and education. 

Having a well-connected network is one of the most important tools for building your career. Knowing the right people could help catapult your career to greater heights. Oftentimes, people rely upon personal contacts during their job-seeking process, as vacancies may not be formally advertised. 

However, if you don’t have any connections and want to find a job, don’t fret! We are here to provide you with the most popular online job portals for English-speakers in China that can hopefully satisfy all your job-seeking needs.


51job is a leading human resource solutions provider in China, offering a broad range of services including recruitment solutions, training and assessment. The company serves hundreds and thousands of domestic and multinational corporate clients through 26 offices in Hong Kong and Mainland China. 

It advertises city jobs in a number of cities from Beijing and Shanghai to Wuhan and Hangzhou. Most jobs listed on the website belong to the following sectors: Internet and E-commerce, Finance and Investment, Automobile and Real Estate. The bilingual website offers both English and simplified Chinese settings. Other than job listings, it also provides cover letter and resume templates and other career advice.


The bilingual (English and simplified Chinese) job search website Chinajob was founded in 2005 and is sponsored by the Foreign Talent Research Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Its purpose is to develop international human resources and facilitate international talent exchange. It claims to be the most authoritative international talent website established in China. 

Job listings cover almost all industries, and the companies they advertise are mainly large state-owned enterprises, such as the state-owned news media China Daily. To find a job through Chinajob, you can simply register as a “Jobseeker” and submit your information and resume to the website. It will then recommend your CV to employers and suggest any other available positions to you.


eChinacities is an English-language website that provides a comprehensive range of services for both international visitors and China-based expats. It is popular among expats who live and work in China and international visitors who travel to China for business and leisure purposes. 

Its job search section contains thousands of jobs for foreigners, and its career advice section provides practical information about job hunting, applications and hiring processes in China. The website also provides guides to 41 major Chinese cities, including recommendations for restaurants, activities and attractions.

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