These Companies Offer Paid Sabbaticals for Better Work-Life Balance

These Companies Offer Paid Sabbaticals for Better Work-Life Balance

These companies encourage you to take a leap and explore the extraordinary.

Did you know burnout is increasingly prevalent in today’s fast-paced work culture? The relentless pressure to hustle nonstop often leaves employees feeling exhausted and drained. However, there’s a silver lining: forward-thinking companies are challenging this norm by offering their employees an extraordinary opportunity: paid sabbaticals. 

Picture yourself being transported from your desk to a luxurious resort in the Maldives, all while receiving your regular salary! This game-changing perk provides you with a significant break from work, ranging from a month to a couple of years. During this time, an employee takes time off from their job without leaving the company. While they are on sabbatical, they are not required to show up for work or fulfill their work duties. However, they generally continue to be employed by the company and often receive a salary, which can be either full or partial, depending on the company’s policies. 

Additionally, sabbatical eligibility often correlates with the length of service. These breaks are commonly offered to employees who have demonstrated long-term dedication to the company, serving as an incentive for employee retention. Generally, employees become eligible for a sabbatical after completing a minimum tenure of three years, five years or even longer with the company.

The power of sabbaticals

Traditionally, sabbaticals were more commonly associated with academia; but now, progressive companies across various industries are adopting this practice to promote employee well-being and creativity. These companies understand that encouraging their employees to explore the world and pursue their passions outside of work can have numerous benefits. 

According to organizational psychologist and author David Burkus, who shared his insights in a Harvard Business Review article, individuals who took sabbaticals experienced reduced stress levels and improved psychological resources and overall well-being. Burkus further highlighted that these positive changes often persisted even after employees returned to their regular work routines.

In this article, we will explore some companies that have embraced the transformative power of paid sabbaticals, where work and life seamlessly intertwine, creating an environment where you can truly thrive. Whether you are interested in traveling the world, pursuing a personal project or simply taking a break from work, these companies might provide the opportunity you need to make your dreams a reality.


Adobe, the multinational software company, is known for its employee-friendly policies, including offering sabbaticals to its employees. Its sabbatical program is seen as a valuable perk that contributes to employee retention and well-being. To be eligible for the program, an employee must have worked at least 24 hours per week for five years without significant infractions. Once eligible, the employee is granted a 20-day paid break from work, which allows them to pursue personal growth and rejuvenation.

However, there’s a unique twist to this program. These 20 days must be taken within the first two years of becoming eligible for the sabbatical, i.e., before the end of the seventh year of employment, ensuring that employees make the most of this rejuvenating time off. The sabbatical opportunity is available again after 10 and 15 years of employment, allowing employees to take this time off every five years. Moreover, for each consecutive period of five years, the length of the sabbatical increases by five days, reaching a maximum of 30 days.

The 20-day break offered by the Adobe sabbatical program transforms into a full four-week sabbatical, excluding weekends and paid holidays. During this time, employees are entirely disconnected from work obligations, with no need to answer calls or emails, while still receiving their regular full-time pay.

In a world where work can consume our lives, the Adobe sabbatical program is a testament to a company that places its employees’ well-being at the forefront.


Intel provides a paid sabbatical opportunity to its employees based in the United States. Eligible employees can take a generous eight-week break after completing seven years of service or a four-week break after four years of service. The best part, this is separate from their regular vacation allowance.

During the sabbatical period, Intel ensures a seamless transition of significant work responsibilities by assigning them to members of the employee’s current team or using them as development opportunities for other team members. To make this happen, employees can post their job or projects to the entire company using the Development Opportunity Tool. This tool enables any full-time employee within Intel to apply for these opportunities.

Intel is among the many companies that have recognized the value of providing employees with the opportunity to take a break and engage in new experiences. The company believes that activities such as pursuing new interests, traveling, volunteering or spending quality time with loved ones can promote a refreshed perspective when employees return to work.


While most of us are familiar with the fast food served at McDonald’s, did you know that the company also offers a unique benefit to its full-time employees who have completed a decade of service? This benefit is the paid sabbatical leave, which allows employees to take an eight-week break to focus on personal development and rejuvenation. And here’s the best part: for those who yearn for even more time away, extending this leave beyond eight weeks may be within reach.

While on sabbatical, employees receive their regular full-time salary without any reductions or adjustments, making it a highly advantageous break. This period offers employees a valuable opportunity to relax and reflect on their present circumstances and future career aspirations, providing much-needed relief.

It’s worth noting that McDonald’s pioneered offering a paid sabbatical leave to its employees. Way back in 1977, it became the first corporation to introduce a sabbatical program for its employees in the United States.

The road ahead

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a company that values work-life balance and supports personal growth, consider applying to the aforementioned organizations that offer paid sabbaticals. Alongside these companies, other prominent organizations, like Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers, have also incorporated paid sabbaticals into their employee benefits packages. 

While the concept of sabbaticals is gaining recognition and appreciation in some companies, it is still a relatively uncommon practice in the corporate world. This indicates that there is a significant amount of progress yet to be made in promoting employee well-being and work-life balance. Shockingly, the statistics from a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management in 2019 reveal that only 5 percent of employers in the US offered paid sabbatical leave to their employees. The numbers were not much better for unpaid sabbatical programs, with just 11 percent of employers providing such opportunities.

Additionally, there is a potential risk that an exceptional employee who takes a sabbatical may choose not to return. Recent research indicates that individuals who take a sabbatical as a last resort, seeking to escape unsustainable work rather than being motivated by an exciting and temporary adventure, have the lowest likelihood of returning. Therefore, it becomes crucial for organizations to cultivate a workplace culture that fosters employee engagement, growth and support. By doing so, employees are more likely to view sabbaticals as opportunities for personal and professional development, rather than as an escape from challenging circumstances.

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