Popular Anonymous Workplace Apps You Should Check Out

Popular Anonymous Workplace Apps You Should Check Out

Anonymous workplace apps are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why.

Our conversations have shifted largely over the web in the contemporary digital arena. This provides a great deal of convenience for staying in touch with family and friends. Yet, there are certain dialogs that people would prefer to keep private, especially in a professional setting. For instance, many employees can be hesitant to speak up about concerns or share ideas due to the possible repercussions that may occur as a result. This is where anonymous workplace apps come in.

Anonymous workplace apps provide an environment for safe dialog among team members anonymously. Furthermore, via these apps, employers can grasp how contented the staff is regarding various elements that affect the company culture. This data can then be used to bring about modifications to policies and workflows or other actions that can foster morale and strengthen engagement between employers and employees. Here are some of the popular anonymous workplace apps you should check out.


Debuted in 2013, Blind is a South Korean anonymous workplace app enabling professionals to communicate privately within their company channels and publicly with users from all industries. Blind gives users the platform to discuss topics related to the corporate world, such as policies, politics, harassment and compensation. It has been trending recently due to Twitter employees posting anonymous reviews about the company’s work culture. Some of these reviews have been negative, deeming the work environment “toxic.”  

Users can speak anonymously on the app’s public and private channels upon providing their work email addresses as proof of their employment. As soon as this verification is complete, the link between the user’s work email and Blind account will be destroyed for privacy reasons. So, if you forget your account password, it’s impossible to retrieve it. 

With personal email accounts, you will only have read-only access to the public topics channel. Currently, Blind is limited to employees of around 100 tech organizations, such as Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. 


#NotMe is an app designed to give employees a confidential way of reporting misconduct and harassment, even if their employers have not adopted the platform. In light of the #MeToo movement, a lawyer turned entrepreneur Ariel Weindling created this app to address the sexual pressures women face in the workplace. Weindling believes that alerting the organization of problems as soon as they arise allows it to intervene and solve the issue before it becomes an unmanageable problem.

The app, available on the Apple Store and Google Play for free, assists employees who don’t feel safe speaking up about misconduct in their workplace. Users can report workplace misconduct anonymously or without anonymity through a comprehensive questionnaire. An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm runs on the submitted data and evaluates the severity and pervasiveness of the reports. Within 48 hours of submitting the report, an expert will be available to advise and make referrals. About 50 percent of the reports submitted until March 2020 on #NotMe have been anonymous.


Recent studies suggest that remaining anonymous is key to elevated survey response rates, with 75 percent of people claiming they are more likely to participate in a survey when assured of anonymity. If you are looking to boost engagement during company meetings, Mentimeter is what you need. Mentimeter is a platform that facilitates anonymous engagement. In meetings or presentations, online and in-person attendees can participate in polls and quizzes or leave likes and comments anonymously via scanning a QR code using the Mentimeter app. 

The free-to-use app offers a wide range of interactive question types, such as multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, word clouds and more. When a presenter uses the word cloud feature, participants’ comments will be displayed on the screen. The more frequently used a word is, the larger it will appear on the screen. The presenter can then quickly see the main themes or ideas that are being discussed by the participants. 

With Mentimeter’s free plan, you can create unlimited presentations for an unlimited number of participants, up to two questions per slide and up to five quiz slides in total. The basic plan costs US$9.99 per month and includes features like unlimited questions, the ability to import presentations and the ability to export results data to Excel.

Anonymous workplace apps have become increasingly popular in today’s digital age, providing employees with a safe space to discuss sensitive or controversial topics and an outlet for constructive criticism. By using anonymous workplace apps, companies can create a more open and collaborative environment to encourage inclusivity, innovation and creativity.

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