Navigate the Changing Startup Landscape with Cyberport Venture Capital Forum 2022

Navigate the Changing Startup Landscape with Cyberport Venture Capital Forum 2022

By Kamya Pandey

Meet some of the most prominent innovators and investors in CVCF 2022!

The past couple of years have been extremely difficult for the global startup ecosystem. According to U.S.-based financial services company Moody Analytics, global economic growth estimates have fallen to 2.7% as of September this year, compared to 4.2% in January. 

Not only has the world undergone a tremendous transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are also actively experiencing a global geopolitical conflict and inflation. Since the pandemic began, companies have been experiencing a lot of strain from grappling with rising production costs. Now, it is more important than ever for startups to come together and discuss ways to recover from these challenges. 

Championing the cause of global startups, Cyberport, Asia-Pacific’s leading technology hub, has come back again this year with Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF). At Jumpstart, we continue to bring you the inside scoop on everything you can look forward to at CVCF 2022. 

CVCF 2022’s tech-first approach to boost your startup’s growth

CVCF 2022’s tech-first approach to boost your startup’s growth
A glimpse at the unique discussions at CVCF 2022

As one of the listed events of HK FinTech Week, CVCF 2022 is a disruptive two-day event that will take place on October 27-28 (Thursday and Friday) at Cyberport. It focuses on three main tracks—macro trends and the global startup stage (the main track), investor strategies and new venture voyages (the venture track) and, finally, sector spotlight on startups and new growth engines available in the sectors discussed.   

Bearing in mind the multitude of challenges facing global startups, Cyberport has dedicated this year’s CVCF to the theme “Thriving in the Dynamic: Refocusing for Growth”. To thrive in hardship, companies need funds, and CVCF intends to help entrepreneurs get these funds by educating them about the venture capital market. 

The forum will explore investors’ priorities when funding startups. It will also give business owners insight into how to realign their future roadmaps and leverage institutional and policy initiatives to expand their reach across Asia.  

The best part: CVCF 2022 is in a hybrid format, available for in-person or online participation. What’s more, the virtual platform will feature extended event experiences where all attendees can join even after the physical event!  

CVCF 2022 is your one-stop shop for capital, innovation, entrepreneurship and growth  

The event is an excellent chance for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business journey. If your startup is yet to hit the ground running, you can gain practical knowledge about what an average day of operating a startup looks like in the Startup Workshop on October 28. The event will also feature innovator showcases where you can demonstrate your tech solutions in front of a wide variety of investors and potential collaborators. 

CVCF aims to simplify your startup journey by giving you access to venture capital giants. As such, it offers one-on-one both virtual and face-to-face meetings with investors that best match your company as well as a founder stage where you can pitch your startup idea to a global audience. 

If your startup is already up and running, and you are wondering how to take your business up a notch, you will find the start-up clinic at CVCF 2022 insightful and inspirational. Here, you can receive one-on-one consultations from experts on essential business knowledge, like marketing strategies, taxation and auditing.

Other aspects of the event that will interest you are the sessions on trending topics, such as managing the funding crisis amid economic downturns and Hong Kong’s future path for I&T development and capital hub, to name a few. CVCF will also host a special session called “Smart Living Venture Day” on October 28, where experts in EdTech, ArtTech, SocialTech and GeronTech will share the impact of technology and the investment opportunities in the post-COVID world.

CVCF is a brilliant opportunity to expand your network and connect with investors and other startup founders alike. Last year, CVCF 2021 had over 2,500 attendees and brought about over 350 successful fundraising matchups. Make sure to check out CVCF’s website for more information! 

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