Interview with Reubird

1. Can you please start by sharing a bit about yourself and your team and how you to came

to start Reubird?

Hi! My name is Brian. Carson, my partner, and I co-founded Reubird ( We grew up in Hong Kong and bonded at The University of Hong Kong during our study. I was doing a double degree in business and law at HKU but I applied to drop my law degree this year so that I can better focus on running Reubird.
Our inspiration came from our personal experience. We love to hang out with friends but both of us face the same problem – we don’t know what to do and where to go, and we end up going to a restaurant for dinner. Such experience inspired us to think whether we can build a product which solves this problem. That is why we co-founded Reubird.

2. What is Reubird and what notable challenges did you face during the ideation to the

launch phase? (i.e. implementation of your idea)

Reubird is a digital platform aggregating different types of entertainment activities in Hong Kong.
Ranging from special experience (such as virtual reality, hyper reality, yoga, room escape and camping) to typical gathering activities (playing in party rooms or cafes, dining in restaurants, for instance), our platform offers a curated selection of entertainment activities from different providers around all the places in Hong Kong, which are made easily bookable and purchasable, both online and on-the-go.
Those were the tough days when we started Reubird from scratch. It was really hard because we were in a very small team with limited human and capital resources. We persisted and worked long hours. It was really the persistence that mattered. We launched our product in early July 2018. Thankfully, we started generating revenue in August 2018. As of today, we now offer more than 170 party rooms for you to book. Moreover, we are also offering different types of new entertainment activities such as VR experience, camping cars and bubble soccer. We are trying to bring you a curated selection of activities for you and your friends.

3. I understand that you are a fourth year law student. How do you balance school and Reubird? Do you have any tips for student entrepreneurs on time-management?

To be honest, I seldom attend classes at school and spend time studying after running Reubird. The tip I can give to student entrepreneurs is you need to do trade-offs. You cannot get the best of both worlds. You need to think about what really matters to you and what doesn’t. To me, learning when running a company is really rewarding and that outweighs my learning at school. That is why I prefer to spend more time on growing my company. Remember, you are also learning when you are running the startup.

4. What is your vision for Reubird?

In the short term, our vision is to be your one-stop solution for organising your party gathering by building a marketplace for party venues and catering.
In the long term, we aspire to make all great entertainment experience in one place available online and on-the-go. It serves as a gathering planning assistant which helps you schedule gatherings, find and book entertainment activities without hassles.

5. As a young entrepreneur, what kind of support do you wish to have from the

entrepreneurship community?

Being a young entrepreneur, I lack connections to corporates, experience in running a company and capital. We really wish the entrepreneurship community can give more support, both financial and non-financial, to very early stage startups. This is something I think Hong Kong is lacking.
It would be a plus if the community can offer us more more opportunities that connect us with corporates and mentors who can give advice in the area that we are not familiar with.

6. You mentioned that there is substantial room for improvement in O2O entertainment  activity market. What does disruption mean in the O2O entertainment industry?

Disruption in the O2O entertainment industry means digitalizing the way how business is conducted in the industry. We aim to provide digital solutions to the players in the industry to improve their business process with data and bring convenience to users through digitalisation.


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