How NFTS and Crypto Are Revolutionizing the Manga and Anime Industry

How NFTS and Crypto Are Revolutionizing the Manga and Anime Industry

A rundown on some of the crypto-related projects for all the anime and manga fans! 

The internet has always been a way for people with niche interests to find like-minded people. One of the communities that has thrived on the internet is the anime and manga community. 

For those of you who may not know, “anime” means animation in Japanese. In English, it refers to Japanese animated content. “Manga” is the Japanese word for comics, and manga often serves as inspiration for anime series.

All through 2020 and 2021, there has been an exponential increase in manga and anime-related content. Between January and July 2021, 43% and 30% more articles were published about anime and manga, respectively, when compared to the same period in 2020. What is important to note about this community is that it is replete with “Otakus” (anime and manga enthusiasts who often own anime collectibles and memorabilia). Otakus spend US$2.5 billion a year on their hobbies, which is a clear representation of how deep the pocket of an average Otaku is. 

An Otaku’s spending habits and interest in collectibles make them a perfect buyer for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Let’s take a look at some NFT and crypto projects within the anime and manga space. 

Manga Token

Manga Token ($MANGA) is a reward, payment and staking token built to cater to the manga community. It has been created to provide support for manga artists by allowing them to sell their art as Manga NFTs. Based on the Binance Smart Chain, the token is a payment method for the Manga NFT platform Trophee. 

Besides being a tool for transactions on Trophee, Manga Token can also be used to vote for your favorite manga titles. It also gives manga enthusiasts a way to fund new manga-related projects. At present, each $MANGA has a value of US$0.0003485 with a self-reported market cap of US$266,175.

Luffy token

Another token with the goal of helping underpaid anime and manga artists is the Luffy token (LUFFY). Named after the main character of the anime One Piece, LUFFY is a community-driven token running on the Ethereum network. It is part of the Luffy metaverse, which includes an NFT marketplace, a decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) platform and interactive games.

Each transaction with the token results in a 3% reward distribution to all of the token’s holders; a 2% addition to LUFFY’s liquidity pool; a 2% marketing expenditure deduction; and 2% of the transaction fee is burnt. At present, the token has a value of US$0.00000000056


Named after Dragon Ball Z’s main character, GOKU is another community-driven token. The project aims to facilitate direct interaction between manga and anime fans and artists. It also allows its users to sell, buy and trade NFTs. 

The developers have used one of the main concepts of Dragon Ball Z and created seven NFTs (like the seven dragon balls in the anime). The developers have created and released NFTs on a limited basis; eventually, they aim to create their own NFT platform. They are also in the process of developing a web-based game where users can win NFTs by using GOKU tokens.

At present, the GOKU token has a value of US$0.000000000058.

As of 2020, digital manga sales have amassed JP¥342 billion (or US$2.99 billion). The manga merchandising market makes up 44.36% of Japan’s anime revenues. However, despite this high revenue, creators struggle to make a living. GOKU, Luffy token and Manga Token as well as others that might follow in their footsteps are providing artists ‌with a new source of revenue and also allowing fans to directly support their favorite artists. 

Besides these three platforms, there are other ways in which manga artists have been trying to establish their presence on the NFT scene. For instance, the anime we mentioned earlier, One Piece, is an adaptation of a manga by the same name. To celebrate the release of One Piece’s 100th volume in September 2021, the manga’s publisher Shueisha selected ten classic scenes from the series and turned them into 20 luxury prints worth JP¥500,000 each (US$4,500). All transaction details of these prints are backed up on the blockchain, making it a unique combination of a physical art piece with digital traceability. 

Another exciting project that combines NFTs and the metaverse is the collaboration between renowned Manga artist Fujiwara Kamui and Singapore-based Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd (DEA). They have come together to create TheLand NFTs which will provide people with citizenship to the Fujiwara Kamui nation, a part of the PlayMining Metaverse. 

All of these projects indicate the true potential that NFTs and crypto tokens have for this space. Hopefully, as time passes, we might see more such tokens and NFTs pop up on the scene!

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