How Multimedia Can Be Used in Customer Service

How Multimedia Can Be Used in Customer Service

Effective customer service can make the difference between a good brand and a great one. 

As our reliance on the internet continues to grow, brands will need to become more readily available over various media platforms to provide customer service. This will not only help the brand create a smoother shopping experience but will also help prospective customers know that the brand keeps up with the changing trends. 

By 2024, e-commerce will make up 21.8% of total global retail sales. Thus, creating a seamless experience across physical as well as digital storefronts has increasingly become a priority for companies. With that in mind, here are a few ideas that can help your brand improve its customer experience.

Integrating social media into customer service

Social media provides a channel for two-way communication between brands and their customers. To effectively use social media for customer service, you must reply as quickly as possible. Around 42% of all customers expect a response to their queries on social media within 60 minutes or less, so make sure you live up to that expectation. 

For instance, the American electronics company Best Buy uses Twitter for customer service. The company has a separate Twitter account that provides customer support from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekdays and 9:30 am to 6:00 pm on weekends and holidays. 

Co-browsing for customer service

Another great tool for customer service is co-browsing. Co-browsing is made up of the terms “collaborative” and “browsing”. It is a visual support tool that allows customer service providers to access a customer’s browser and help them navigate the brand’s website. Co-browsing is extremely effective; brands that use it see a 2.4% annual decrease in support costs year over year. 

For instance, let’s say a customer is looking for a precise shade of pink to paint their baby’s bedroom and can’t seem to find it. Co-browsing allows the customer service executive to gain access to the customer’s browser and show them where the right paint selection is without the need for detailed instructions. The U.S. Bank uses co-browsing to help their customers log in to their accounts, set up paperless statements and open an account.

Live chat for improved customer experience

Live chat is also a great way to provide a smooth customer experience. Having a live chat function provides customers with an easy way to get in touch with your customer service executives. Today, you no longer need to limit your live chat experience simply to text; it can also include live voice and video chat. Around 51% of customers prefer to get customer service via live chat because it connects them with executives immediately.

Customers sincerely appreciate good customer service and spend a pretty penny on brands that make it easier for them to access it. Customer service is so important that 64% of customers prioritize it over the price of a product when choosing a brand to shop from. Having good customer service can help you set your brand apart from competitors, and active use of social media, co-browsing and live chat can be the exact tools to make it happen.

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