Do Good Business By Doing Good

By Bas A. Fransen | In developing countries, deforestation and unsustainable farming is still common practice. In developed countries, companies need to become more sustainable by law and realize that being sustainable is good for talent management and the bottom line. Last but not least, consumers demand more transparency from companies regarding sustainability.

Through transparent tree planting, EcoMatcher offers companies creative ways to become visibly more sustainable and engaging and at the same time, address deforestation and unsustainable farming.

Through EcoMatcher, companies can adopt specific trees planted by vetted sustainable tree farming organizations in a range of countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Uganda and Guatemala. EcoMatcher provides the exact location for each tree, a unique photo of the tree, the tree species, the farmer caring for the tree, a photo of the farmer, and more. Digital tools are being provided to enable companies to use those ‘tree-planter records’ for the following programs:

• Reward: give people trees instead of just saying thank you. • Loyalty: instead of giving someone a plastic item, give a tree. • Employee engagement: adopt a forest and give each employee a tree in it. • Transparent carbon offsetting: offset the carbon footprint of an event or the whole company with a precise number of trees; the trees again can be used for corporate gifting.

 EcoMatcher How It Works
EcoMatcher How It Works

Bringing transparency to tree planting helps companies to do good business by doing good, helps tree-planting organizations to step up their game, engages employees and consumers. Last  but not least, planting more trees serves Mother Nature and helps to protect this planet we call home.

 Bas Fransen
Bas Fransen

ABOUT THE AUTHOR EcoMatcher CEO Bas Fransen is a Dutchman based in Hong Kong who is passionate about sustainability and new technologies. Bas believes that companies should see sustainability as an opportunity, not aburden. He also loves to play field hockey.


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