AR Brings Art To Your Room

By Grace Ko | The Internet has become a new arena of our lives, for everything from shopping to socialising. As the online world blurs into the real one, augmented reality (AR) has made it possible for us to appreciate art in a virtual space, and a groundbreaking new app has made it possible for us to visualise how art pieces might actually look on our walls.
Imagine seeing an artwork on your wall before you own it. The Pinart AR app helps people view an accurately sized image of an art piece in their home or office. It allows users to experience the art as if it was in front of their eyes.
Caption: Video with an in-app footage demo. Credit:
Pinart Founder and app creator Radek Maciaszek has a background in cognitive science, bioinformatics and computer science, and he loves visiting museums and art galleries in his spare time. The app was born out of his love for art and technology, and he created it to solve practical issues faced by art collectors.
“My wife is a contemporary photography artist, and she nurtured my interests in art,” Maciaszek explains. “Now, as an aspiring art collector, I often struggle to visualize how the new piece of artwork will look in my home or office. After speaking with many artists, we realized this is a very practical concern.”
By using the app, users can experience the art piece as if it is in front of their very eyes, albeit on the screen. They can accurately size the artwork and even select a frame if necessary to get the perfect idea about how it might fit on their wall. Users may also create a collage of artworks and see how several pieces of art might look together.
Pinart has partnered with art galleries and artists to preview their framed prints and canvases while also cooperating with museums, auction houses and media companies.
Maciaszek stresses the powerful immersion that the team developed. “We use the latest ARKit-enabled technology to achieve the augmented reality experience. This allows the user to experience the artwork, walk around it and feel as if it would be really there. We obsess with the quality of the details.”
Augmented reality has a vital role to play in the world of art, and Pinart is making this technology available right now to everyone. The team strives to make it easy to integrate with both online and offline galleries. The mission is to make the world a better place by helping people surround themselves with art.

The app will be launched on iOS initially, and iPhone and iPad users could sign up to the free open beta access starting in March, to coincide with Hong Kong Art Basel. The Android version will be released in the near future.
Aiming to engage more closely with consumers, the Pinart team promises to advance the app to keep up with consumer demand and make the experience even more engaging. Its goal is to offer an exciting new art buying experience to art lovers and collectors.
“Currently we focus on the core functionality, namely to make sure the art looks as beautiful and accurate as possible. We listen to our customers and will implement the most popular feature requests.”
About Radek Maciaszek
Pinart Founder Radek Maciaszek lives and breathes data science. He has studied cognitive science, IT and bioinformatics and has worked with startups as well as enterprise companies such as Orange, Moore Capital and OpenX. His latest passion is art, and he believes that augmented reality will bring new ways in which we experience and buy art.


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