7 Remote Job Opportunities for College Students

7 Remote Job Opportunities for College Students

If you’re a college student looking for a way to make some money, working remotely may be the perfect solution for you.

College students are always looking for ways to make some extra money—and remote jobs might just be a tailor-made option for those who are looking for flexible gigs! Remote jobs allow you to work from home, on the go or anywhere that has internet access. Fortunately, the internet has created a plethora of opportunities for remote work. From online tutoring to market research, there are many ways for college students to make money from home. 

The best part is—you can get your degree while working remotely, so there is no need to give up college life just because you want an additional income. Check out these seven remote jobs to see which one fits you the best!

Mint Some Extra Penny With These Remote Jobs 

1. Online tutor

Online tutors have been an answer for many parents who are looking for a solution in this new world of pandemic chaos. And if you are an expert in any school subject or have experience with teaching, online tutoring may be the perfect part-time opportunity for you. You may choose to tutor students from elementary to high school, and there are many students who might benefit from your assistance. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, you are no longer restricted to your own geographic location. Being an online tutor comes with the flexibility to decide the work location, time and tuition so that it can work around your college schedule!

The online tutoring job is becoming more and more trendy, as COVID-19 is drastically changing the education scene. When the global pandemic hit, virtual tutor companies saw a sudden surge of up to 300%. Companies like Chegg, Tutor, and Skooli allow you to work from home and tutor students one-on-one. Besides, a teaching qualification is not necessary to be an online tutor—only passion and knowledge about the subjects. If you want to develop a career in the field of teaching, this will be a great opportunity to gain teaching experience!

2. Virtual assistant

If you are organized and have excellent communication skills, working as a virtual assistant is a great fit for you. Virtual assistants provide professional technical and administrative support to businesses remotely. Your job duties can include, for instance, being in charge of customer service, maintaining calendars, monitoring paperwork, arranging meetings or handling travel arrangements and more. Apart from working from home, another eye-catching benefit of this remote job is flexible work hours, as you can work according to your own schedule—as long as you can deliver your work on time. 

Besides, not only can you pick up a myriad of admin and management skills being a virtual assistant, which will make your CV shine, you can also make good money from it! According to Indeed, a virtual assistant makes about US$19.86 per hour in the U.S. on average. Sounds exciting to a college student who has a tight schedule to start with, right?

To become a virtual assistant, you can look at job openings at remote or freelance job portals, such as Zirtual, We Work Remotely or FlexJobs.

3. Online marketer

If you have experience with search engine optimization (SEO), social media or blogging, working as an online marketer may be your dream job. Online marketers help brands build awareness and generate leads by using different digital channels, such as company websites, social media pages, email marketing, online ads and more. You also need to utilize different analytics tools to evaluate and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and strategies. 

To be an online marketer, you will need to be already familiar with some technical knowledge, including content management systems (CMS), analytics tools, search engine marketing (SEM)

It is a perfect opportunity for students to work from home and earn an income. Digital marketing is one of the trending professions of today’s time, despite the pandemic, and has plenty of opportunities available for students seeking jobs they love with flexible schedules. The advantage of this job is that most of the digital marketing or online marketing work can be done online from home. Depending on the job duties, you might only need to give it three to four hours every day, which is easy for anyone!

4. Freelance transcriptionist

If you have a good ear for listening and can type quickly, transcription may be the perfect job for you. As a transcriptionist, you listen to voice tapes and type everything that is said. The catch is that you must be precisely accurate and free of grammatical and spelling mistakes, which requires meticulous attention to the audio files. Transcription agencies in need of part-time employees love to recruit college students. They want to hire people who have a knack for language and can type quickly.

A major advantage of working as a freelance transcriptionist is that your earning depends on the number of assignments you take on. Therefore, the faster you type, the more money you can make. Also, it requires only minimal equipment investment. You are good to go with just a laptop or computer, stable internet connection and a headset! The software and transcription formats will be provided by the company you work for. Further, you will learn how to work with different software packages more efficiently and take advantage of keyboard shortcuts in order to save time, which will be useful and practical skills that can boost your career in the future.

If you want to apply for a freelance transcription gig, you can visit the websites of translation services companies, like TranscribeMe and Rev, and remote job portals.

5. YouTube or Instagram influencer 

Do you ever scroll through Instagram stories and spot someone you know just living their best life? Yeah, you might be wondering how they make money doing that. Turns out, many of them are influencers on Instagram and YouTube. Influencers are people who have built up a large following on social media by posting content that their followers love. They might be experts at fashion, travel, food or any other topic. And because of their large following, brands will pay them to promote their products or services. 

Apart from having thousands of Instagram followers or YouTube subscribers, you need to be tech-savvy with well-honed marketing abilities to build your social media following. Needless to say, you must also have excellent communication skills and be socially active to engage with your audience and generate money online.

As influencer marketing continues to boom in the digital era, there are countless job opportunities for college student influencers. Many multinational brands like to work with college students to harness awareness from their big community on campus. Even for smaller brands, college student influencers are also in demand because the promotion service is more affordable. Besides plentiful job opportunities, you also get to explore and do things that you might otherwise never experience through partnerships with global brands.

6. Freelance web designer or developer

With site builders, like WordPress, Wix and Squarespace, you can create a website easily and quickly in the blink of an eye. What’s more? You may earn money as a remote website designer or developer!

A web designer designs the website layout and usability, provides support and guidance throughout the project and expands the functionality of the site after its rollout. A web developer builds and maintains the core structure of the website, and the role may also include network security, database management and even web design. Depending on the requirements of the client, you might need to have knowledge of coding in various languages, such as Java and Python. In some cases, you might not need ‌extensive insight into coding, and simply knowing how to build a site with site builders might be sufficient.

With the right equipment and a stable internet connection, you can work as a virtual web designer or developer anywhere you want. Besides, it can train your problem-solving skills and improve your creativity. Also, it adds a lot to your portfolio and might even lead to a long-term career.

Whether you’re hoping to pay off your student loan or just to earn extra pocket money, consider applying to these positions and take the first step toward leading an independent life as soon as possible!

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