5 Web Series Every Entrepreneur Must Watch and Why

5 Web Series Every Entrepreneur Must Watch and Why

Watching web series is a great way to keep up with the latest trends in the world of entrepreneurship.

For those of you who are entrepreneurs, hustlers or just want to know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur—these five web series will give you a pretty good idea. They will allow you, as an entrepreneur, to take a step back and look at your business from a new perspective. This list will have something for everyone on your team. From hilarious comedies to thought-provoking documentaries, these are just a few of the best web series for entrepreneurs that will keep you entertained while teaching you valuable lessons! 

Here are five web series that every entrepreneur should watch and why:

1. “Dirty Money”

Dirty Money is a web series created by Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney that uncovers instances of corporate fraud, corruption and cunning tax filings. This investigative documentary reveals outrageous acts of corporate greed and deceit, ranging from crippling payday loans to automobiles that evade environmental standards.

Why watch it? Entrepreneurs must differentiate between opportunity and exploitation, and this is highlighted in this insightful documentary. “Dirty Money” reveals how multinationals are keen to take profit at the cost of the lower and middle classes, as well as a flagrant disrespect for judicial systems. This Netflix business show will take you on an intriguing trip through such scams and corporate misconduct. Knowing these can help you avoid engaging in these unfaithful and unethical behaviors which may occur without your knowledge.

Where can you watch it? Netflix

2. “StartUp”

American drama web series “StartUp” is about two young entrepreneurs who are trying to make it in the world of startups. This series focuses around a Brooklyn banker, a Haitian crime leader and a Cuban hacker who get together to create a potentially multi-billion dollar enterprise based on “GenCoin”, a digital currency that might transform the future of money itself.

Why watch it? We’ve all seen how crypto is making headlines in 2021. If you are interested in the crypto hype, you don’t want to miss this show! It’s not easy to kick-start a revolutionizing business concept. Unfortunately, the idea falls into the wrong hands, and ‌the developers of GenCoin have to risk their lives in order to protect their brainchild. While it might rarely get as dramatic in reality when you start your business, it is important to be cautious at all times so that you don’t end up in dilemmas that might eventually lead to losing your company. All in all, this is a must-see series for budding entrepreneurs who feel they have a one-of-a-kind concept that has the potential to transform the world.

Where can you watch it? Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

3. “Silicon Valley”

If you want a book on Web 2.0 (which emphasizes ‌user-generated content) business models, look no further than Silicon Valley. The show follows six young entrepreneurs who are trying to get their startup off the ground in Silicon Valley. Richard Hendricks, a 10x engineer (an engineer who achieves 10 times more than an average engineer), decided to leave his job at a tech giant to build Pied Piper, which is a Silicon Valley startup with a unique value proposition of a super-efficient compression algorithm. He and his team have to fight against multinational company Hooli to succeed in the fierce competition.

Why watch it? This series is a must-see for all entrepreneurs and start-up owners, since it imparts a valuable lesson on how to turn a good idea into a viable firm. Apart from being an entertaining show, this series will provide insights into entrepreneurship through the eyes of young entrepreneurs trying to make it in the rocky and competitive business world. You will definitely learn a lot from the obstacles the protagonists face in the show, such as making bad business decisions, competing against rivals who are out to get you, misunderstanding the market needs, etc.

Where can you watch it? Hulu, Disney+ Hotstar (India), Amazon Prime Video (the UK) and HBO (the U.S.)

4. “Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates”

This three-part documentary follows the life of a business magnate, a tech giant and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates—one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Directed by Academy Award-winner Davis Guggenheim, this web series will take you on a journey of Bill Gates as the billionaire. In this series, you will get to know who influenced him and the audacious goals he’s still pursuing.

Why watch it? By watching this, young entrepreneurs will learn how Gates became the legend he is today via his continual pursuit of discovery and invention, the role of social activism, and the value of disconnecting.

Where can you watch it? Netflix

5. “The Office”

This hit comedy depicts a captivating study of human behaviors in their everyday work lives along with some amusing lessons on what not to do at the office. This mockumentary (which describes fictional events but is filmed in a documentary style) sitcom features outstanding comedy performances and memorable characters, such as the harmlessly ignorant insensitive boss Michael Scott (Steve Carnell), the righteous receptionist Pam Beesly (Jenna Fisher), the bored but likable salesman Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and his bootlicker rival Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson). 

Why watch it? The series depicts the current corporate culture and the dead-end employment that many individuals sweep themselves into. Within those daily lives, however, there still is significance and hope as well as a bit of humor left. Indeed, “The Office” will make you think about why you want to be a business owner and which route you want to take in work and life.

Where can you watch it? Amazon Prime Video

These web series will not only inspire but also keep you entertained while you’re enjoying your cup of coffee or tea!

Happy watching!

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