5 Video Games That Can Make You More Productive at Work

5 Video Games That Can Make You More Productive at Work

While many see video games as a waste of time, several games can help increase work productivity. Here’s our round-up!

Work stress has become one of the most concerning outcomes of long working hours. According to Penn World Table 2019 data, Cambodia recorded the longest average working hours of 47.6 per week, while people in Switzerland only have to work 28.8 hours per week on average. With the number of hours spent at work continuing to rise, it’s no wonder people are looking for ways to increase their productivity. Interestingly enough, one way to do this is through video games. 

Why video games? 

We can learn a lot from video games. They are engaging and challenging while providing us with feedback to improve our performance. Additionally, video games also enhance our decision-making ability, especially when we are unsure how to manage our time. Research from Brigham Young University concluded that playing video games for 45 minutes daily can increase productivity by 20 percent. Video games can also boost people’s memory and improve communication skills, especially when involved in a multiplayer-based game. 

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by work stress, try taking a break and play these five video games.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile
Image source: Give Me Sport

Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) is a team-based shooting game that features a variety of game modes, such as Team Deathmatch, Free-for-all (first to reach 20 kills wins) and Domination (occupying a spot by defending it), on different maps. With two teams of five people fighting against each other on a map with unlimited respawns, the first team with 50 kills wins the game. Playing video games that do not take a long time can stop you from getting addicted when you have to keep your work progress but manage your stress. As this game only takes a few minutes each round, it can guarantee that you can keep up with the schedule despite playing.

In CODM, each map has different terrain complexities. Therefore, people must be very careful and maintain communication with teammates. It is a great video game for people who want to improve their productivity at work, as the game’s fast-paced nature requires players to stay focused and calm under pressure. Besides, the game requires players to constantly communicate with teammates, which is another important skill for a successful career.

Age of History II 

Age of History II 
Image source: Age of History

Age of History II (AoHII) is a strategic war game where players get to conquer the world on a world map under different times in history through income management, military allocation, conscription and various types of diplomatic strategies—imagine you’re leading one of the Houses in Game of Thrones. In this game, you may have to bond with some richer countries during an economic downturn or conduct offensive strategies when you find your opposing country has a less significant military presence in adjacent areas

The video game requires a lot of thinking and strategic planning, and these skills are definitely transferable to the workplace. In AoHII, you’ll have to make many decisions in this strategy game, from what resources to use to what units to build. And you have to make them quickly—if you dither, your opponent will take advantage and overwhelm you. Hence, it can definitely boost your decision-making skills, particularly when under high pressures at work, because if you hesitate, someone else will step in and decide for you. 

NBA 2K Mobile

NBA 2K Mobile
Image source: Pocket Gamer

NBA 2K Mobile is a multiplayer sports game that allows players to collect over 400 NBA player cards to compete with challengers. However, before becoming ambitious in winning against your opponent, you must familiarize yourself with different basketball players. People with more ability and knowledge are more likely to win in this game, allowing them to build a stronger team. 

According to the CEO of video game app Stakester, Tom Fairey, the advantages of competition in the gaming context are comparable to those of physical exercise. Competition in both contexts demands players’ complete focus (thereby distracting them from any work-related concerns that may be preoccupying their minds) and causes the heart rate to rise well above normal levels. Fairey believes these qualities are vital to keeping workers productive throughout the day.


Image source: Easy Brain

Nonogram is a Japanese picture cross puzzle game involving only black and white colors. With each row and column encoded in numbers, players must figure out which squares should be crossed or painted according to numerical arrangements. 

This game sublimates your critical and logical thinking to another level—two skills that are essential when you are stuck with your work assignment for a long time and have no idea how to go about it. Playing Nonogram could make you work more flexibly, which is crucial to maintaining high productivity at work. Even though it is a single-player game, you can also solve this puzzle with friends in person. This will create and maintain a social bond and improve your problem-solving skills while still being productive.

Among Us

Among Us
Image source: The Verge

If you wish to train your communication skills and memory, Among Us would be one of the best choices for you. This party game includes a group of crewmates and one or two impostors. Crewmates have to finish all the missions before the impostors kill them. This video game trains your memory as you have to recall the movement of more than one player simultaneously. It also requires strategic thinking, as you must plan your moves to beat your opponents.

Video games are fun, but we must remember not to get addicted to them. They enhance your productivity, but it is important to establish a clear mindset on what to prioritize and focus on reasonable time management to excel in your own fields. 

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