4 Indian FemTech Startups Transforming Women’s Physical and Mental Well-Being

These startups are putting women’s healthcare in the spotlight to provide some much-needed respite. 

FemTech in India is a nascent yet promising sector. With a demographic of over 600 million women, the potential for growth is immense. This has given rise to a range of FemTech startups dedicated to addressing a spectrum of women’s physical and mental health concerns, including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), infertility, puberty and pre-/ post-pregnancy issues. Here, we explore four Indian FemTech startups pioneering advanced, holistic and accessible healthcare solutions for women.

1. Curate Health: Personalized PCOS management solutions

Dr. Vandana Jayakumar and Keerthana Jayakumar, co-founders of Curate Health. 

Image from Curate Health’s website 

PCOS is not only a leading cause of infertility in women, but it is also responsible for painful periods and other complications. To address these issues, Dr. Vandana Jayakumar and Keerthana Jayakumar co-founded Curate Health, a PCOS management platform, in 2022. The platform offers personalized plans tailored to various symptoms, such as hormonal imbalances, associated with PCOS.

While there is no cure for PCOS, Curate Health focuses on management through a holistic approach, integrating exercises, yoga, a nutritious diet and Ayurvedic wisdom. According to Dr. Vandana, of the over 200 users of the platform, 95% have reported regularization of their menstrual cycles. Going forward, the company plans to expand its services by launching a similar platform for diabetes management.

2. Healthfab: Innovating period convenience 

Kiriti Acharjee, founder of Healthfab reusable pads.

Image from Healthfab’s website and Kiriti Acharjee’s LinkedIn profile 

One major inconvenience for many women is the frequent need to change pads or tampons, which is especially annoying when you are at work. Observing the challenges faced by working women in his family, Kiriti Acharjee founded the eco-friendly intimate care brand, Healthfab, in 2020. 

After consulting with women in his circle, Acharjee designed the GoPadFree leakproof reusable period panty, priced at INR1,150 (US$13.80), capable of enduring 50 washes. This product tackles issues like leakage, offering extensive coverage and eliminating pad-related inconveniences. At the same time, it reduces the environmental impact of disposable pads polluting water bodies and landfills

In the future, Healthfab plans to diversify its product range, expanding into health and personal care items while transitioning to a fully localized production model to boost regional employment. 

3. Say Cheese: Building services that cater to women’s happiness 

Founder of Say Cheese, Rajpreet Kaur.

Image from Say Cheese’s Facebook and Rajpreet Kaur’s LinkedIn account 

Founded by Rajpreet Kaur in December 2020, Say Cheese is a unique healthcare platform in India that focuses on helping women with challenges in their careers, relationships and health

Women in India have to fight low pay, gender-based stereotypes, marriage pressure and inequality. To understand these challenges better, Say Cheese interviewed 500 women, revealing their struggles and the lack of suitable services to address their needs. Based on this, Say Cheese developed a comprehensive service model to empower women in their careers, relationships and health. Its offerings include coaching, mentoring, up-skilling opportunities, personal branding guidance and access to a networking platform called “Career Club Velocity”. 

In addition, Say Cheese fosters a supportive community through the “Frenz Club”, a safe space for women to share their struggles without fear of judgment. Another offering by Say Cheese is “Wibe”, an exercise club designed to promote a healthy lifestyle among women. 

4. andME: Blending Ayurveda and nutrition science for women’s wellness

Founders of andME, Sheta Mittal and Ankur Goyal.

Image from andME’s website and the founders’ LinkedIn profiles

andMe is an Indian food and beverage startup founded by Ankur Goyal and Sheta Mittal in 2018. It prioritizes women’s health, beauty and fitness through a fusion of Ayurvedic principles and nutritional science. Its offerings include Ayurvedic herb beverages for PCOS, urinary tract infection (UTI) prevention, skin care and weight management. The company aims to meet 30% of a woman’s daily micronutrient requirements through its health booster beverages. 

Additionally, its portfolio also features unique period chocolates. These chocolates are crafted with a blend of herbs and micronutrients designed to provide comfort during menstruation, elevate mood and alleviate fatigue.

The future of FemTech startups 

Women’s healthcare has long been overlooked by society and the medical field; but now, it is finally becoming a priority not just in India but worldwide. FemTech is set to surpass a market size of US$97 billion by 2030, signaling growth opportunities for new startups. As women continue to battle multiple issues—from maternal health complications to depression and more—the need for FemTech startups to change the game is more paramount than ever.

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