WHub hosts Hack.Asia, powered by Jardines, to shape Hong Kong’s tomorrow – A hackathon to inspire the next generation of innovators and business leaders

Hong Kong (10 June 2020) – Hack.Asia, hosted by WHub and powered by Jardines, will be taking place from 6-8 July 2020, as part of this year’s Startup Impact Summit (7-8 July 2020) and StartmeupHK Festival 2020. WHub is Hong Kong’s largest startup community. Hack.Asia, launched in 2019 by Jardines, is focused on inspiring the next generation of innovators and business leaders to shape Asia’s tomorrow.


Students, entrepreneurs and startups, are invited to develop technology-driven solutions to address current challenges faced by market-leading businesses in the region including Accenture, Dairy Farm, Gammon, Hactl, Hongkong Land, HSBC, Jardine International Motors, JLL, Jardine Restaurant Group, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and Microsoft Hong Kong. Given their reach, access to resources, and renowned entrepreneurial spirit, the best Hack.Asia solutions – if adopted – can bring transformative change throughout Asia, and beyond.


With the support of industry experts, mentors and judges from the participating companies, WHub, Jardines, participants will have 36 hours to design and develop innovative solutions to address business challenges in the area of travel, e-commerce, data analytics, IoT, consumer experience and big data & AI.


Winners will receive a HK$50,000 cash prize, internship opportunities, the possibility to further develop and implement their ideas into Proof of Concept with the participating companies. All winning teams will present their works at the final showdown hosted on the main stage of Startup Impact Summit 2020.


“We are thrilled to bring Hack.Asia to Hong Kong following the success of our inaugural event in Singapore last year. At Hack.Asia, we believe in the power of ideas to make a positive impact in business and society. With this high energy, action-packed, 36-hour hackathon event, we aim to harness the creativity and technical prowess of startups and students around the world to drive actionable change for businesses in Asia,” said Anne O’Riordan, Group Director of Digital, Jardine.


“In these interesting times, technology is revolutionizing the way we live, work and interact, now more than ever. With this, we are excited to partner with Jardines and other supporters to bring Hack.Asia to life, to solve problems and help shape the future in the most impactful way. And for the first time, Hack.Asia will be fully digital, 100% compliant with social distancing and part of Hong Kong’s largest virtual tech conference of 2020,” said Karena Belin, Co-founder & CEO, WHub and AngelHub


The second edition of Hack.Asia will take place online. Applications are now open until 20 June. To register and for any general enquiries, please visit: w​ww.hack.asia or contact us at [email protected]​.


For media enquiries, please contact:


Sakshi Kothari
[email protected]


About WHub


WHub is Hong Kong’s startup community platform and power connector, passionate about fostering the growth of startups and the entire tech innovation ecosystem. WHub provides a full service offer centered around three pillars: Showcasing, Connecting and Education. This includes services such as talent recruiting, corporate and startup co-innovation programs and support to governments in building thriving tech innovation ecosystems. Services are not only provided on-line, but also offline, examples include WHub’s Startup Ecosystem whitepapers shared globally, as well as programs, events & workshops such as hackathons and conferences including Startup Impact Summit, culminating the annual StartmeupHK Festival supported by InvestHK. WHub has started expanding geographically in order to build bridges between startup ecosystems around the world and accompany startups to scale internationally. WHub’s sister company AngelHub is HK’s First regulated startup investment platform.


For more information, you can follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or visit whub.io.


About Jardines


Jardine Matheson is a diversified Asian-based group with unsurpassed experience in the region, having been founded in China in 1832.


Jardine Matheson operates principally in Greater China and Southeast Asia through a large number of subsidiaries and affiliates. These companies are active in the fields of motor vehicles and related operations, property investment and development, food retailing, health and beauty, home furnishings, engineering and construction, transport services, restaurants, luxury hotels, financial services, heavy equipment, mining, energy and agribusiness.


About StartmeupHK Festival 2020


Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) on June 4 announced details of its five-day StartmeupHK Festival 2020, which will run from July 6 to 10. Befitting its theme of start-ups and technology, the festival is making the unprecedented move of transforming from an in-person event to a fully virtual experience. The week-long extravaganza of start-up events will feature keynote addresses by renowned industry figures from around the world, exhibitions, investor matching and a jobs fair, and will be open to attendees across the globe for free, with additional paid premium sessions. The festival will showcase the latest developments in smart cities, retail tech, artificial intelligence, fintech, lifestyle tech, and global start-up trends and insights. It represents a unique opportunity for start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, students and government representatives to connect, exchange ideas and benefit from business opportunities in Hong Kong, Mainland China and elsewhere in Asia.


Startup Impact Summit is one of the core events of StartmeupHK Festival 2020 taking place on 7 & 8 July, 2020. At the centre of the StartmeupHK Festival, Startup Impact Summit puts 365 days of startup-life into 2 days: To nurture entrepreneurs, corporates, students, investors and social-minded changemakers , to help participants connect to the resources and network they need to reach to the next level. This year we are featuring Impact through the lens of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to raise awareness of the cutting-edge technologies and businesses in the ecosystem and the positive social and environmental impact they are creating.


For more information, visit our website (www.whub.io/sis)


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