WeWork Officially Enters Nanjing and Opens Its First Local Communities

WeWork, the world’s leading co-working and space-as-a-service platform announces the opening of its brand-new communities in Nanjing at a grand opening ceremony in WeWork Nanjing IFC Community, which marks WeWork’s official entry into the Nanjing market. Entering the Nanjing market will foster WeWork’s strategic development in the Yangtze River Delta Region along with Jiangsu province. In addition to the WeWork Nanjing IFC Community, WeWork has also launched the WeWork Golden Eagle Hexi Community and WeWork Golden Eagle Center Tower A Community. Distinguished guests who attended the opening ceremony, included Wang Guoping, Standing Committee Member and Executive Deputy District Chief of Nanjing Jianye District Committee; Zhao Mengchun, Deputy Director of Investment Promotion Bureau Nanjing Jianye District; Qian Li Assistant General Manager from Sun Hung Kai Development (China) Co., Shanghai LTD; Alan Ai, General Manager of WeWork Greater China; Claudia Song, Head of Regional Sales of WeWork Greater China and General Manager of WeWork East China; and Chen Zhe, Director of Cloud Strategic Development Division at Alibaba Cloud.

WeWork Nanjing IFC Community is located in Jianye District in Nanjing and at the heart of Hexi CBD. The community is also adjacent to Nanjing’s prime business center location. WeWork’s design team incorporated its unique design style by combining local elements across four floors of office space at the IFC Community. The design not only enables the space to meet the diversified needs of entrepreneurs but also allows members to interact and create business opportunities. The Golden Eagle Hexi Community is also situated in Hexi CBD, Jianye District, and offers an exceptional geographical advantage. With 11th, 12th and 15th floors internally connected, the curated interior space and artworks are designed to create a natural and comfortable working environment for members that enhances their creativity and collaboration. The Golden Eagle Center Tower A Community is situated in Xinjiekou, a vital shopping district that has witnessed 20 years of changes and growth in Nanjing. Through revamping the 8th and 9th floor spaces while retaining their original structure and heritage, the project was highly acclaimed with the “2019 Best Office Building Award” by Global Business Engine for best office interior design and most popular office building.


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