WeWork extends its community network in the Greater Bay Area

WeWork Extends Its Community Network in the Greater Bay Area
● WeWork further expands its footprint in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, unveiling eight more collaborative spaces within this year in Greater Bay Area to meet evolving needs of businesses of different scales
● Large enterprise companies from various sectors, including Deliveroo, an Independent Financial Advisor in Hong Kong and a global sports apparel and footwear corporation, join the WeWork community to accelerate business expansion, drive corporate innovation and attract talents
WeWork Greater China has been committed to creating innovative and vibrant collaborative spaces for members across the globe, supporting companies of all sizes and their talents to lead new ways of working. Entering the fourth quarter of 2019, WeWork will continue growing with their members in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou by adding eight new locations to its extensive network to empower businesses of all sizes scale their businesses with a more flexible solution.
Through deepening WeWork’s localization strategy, WeWork will utilize the resources in the Greater Bay Area to strengthen connection and partnership among businesses in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou to unlock the business potential of the region.
Further expanding its footprint in the Greater Bay Area in 2019
Building on the strong foothold in Hong Kong, WeWork launched two iconic locations, namely WeWork Lee Garden One and WeWork International Commerce Centre (ICC), in the third quarter of 2019.
In the fourth quarter, WeWork will add four new locations in Hong Kong, namely WeWork The Quayside in Kwun Tong, WeWork Sun Life Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui, WeWork Hysan Place in Causeway Bay and WeWork H Code in Central.
In Shenzhen, WeWork will extend its footprint to two new locations in the central business district of Futian, including WeWork Platinum Tower and WeWork Shenzhen ICC Tower. Situated in the strategic transportation hub where a number of multinational innovation and technology companies are headquartered at, these two WeWork communities can be easily accessed by public transportation to other cities within the Greater Bay Area, facilitating the mobility of talent, knowledge exchange and partnership among businesses in the region.
In Guangzhou, WeWork looks forward to welcoming new members in WeWork NEO Metropolis and WeWork 293 Guangzhou Middle Avenue in Yuexiu District. Located in the heart of Guangzhou city, WeWork NEO Metropolis is set to be a vibrant business hub given the well-rounded facilities nearby, including shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, as well as lifestyle and entertainment outlets. In addition, WeWork 293 Guangzhou Middle Avenue is close to the Southern Media Group building, offering an innovative space that integrates aesthetics and functional design inspired by the local culture for freelancers, startups and enterprises.
These new WeWork communities strive to provide flexible and innovative spaces for members from different sectors, whether they are large enterprises, small-to-medium-sized enterprises, startups or freelancers, to nurture creativity, drive collaboration and exchange of ideas.
Members leveraging WeWork’s global community network to grow their businesses around the world
With its extended community network, WeWork has attracted a wide range of companies to join its community, including an Independent Financial Advisor in Hong Kong, multinational food delivery service platform Deliveroo, a global sports apparel and footwear corporation and leading cloud-based event and membership management software company EventBank. Leveraging WeWork’s community that integrates design, culture and technology, member companies will be able to enhance employees’ experience, attract and retain talents while exploring business opportunities locally and internationally through WeWork’s global community network.
EventBank joined WeWork in the United States last year, and recently their teams have moved into various WeWork locations in Asia. “Tapping into WeWork’s network of spaces to gain a foothold in key markets, we started off with WeWork in Washington D.C since early 2018, and are now also present in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore in less than two years,” said Eric Schmidt, Co-Founder and CEO, EventBank. “Teaming up with WeWork’s global network and hassle-free environment, our team can focus on what we do best and attract the right talent in each market. Thriving in this dynamic environment, we are confident in attracting cross-market opportunities for accelerating faster towards our goals.”
Deliveroo, the food delivery service leader in Hong Kong, joined WeWork Hong Kong’s community at LKF Tower in 2019. With a team of over 120 employees in the city, Brian Lo, General Manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong, said, “Deliveroo is changing the face of food in Hong Kong, so we need a workplace environment that supports the team to be creative, flexible and agile. Our space at WeWork encourages team collaboration and stimulates creativity during brainstorms. In addition to that, innovation is in our DNA. This is a value that Deliveroo shares with WeWork. We are constantly on the lookout for new technology and tools to support our riders, partner restaurants and the hungry people of Hong Kong who depend on Deliveroo for a great meal delivered fast. Joining WeWork gives us the flexibility to scale up and bring in more top talent with great workplace benefits.”
“Hong Kong is a key market for Deliveroo globally, so we will continue to expand and deepen our penetration here. Joining WeWork would support us to achieve our ambitious goals. What is even more interesting of our partnership is that WeWork is one of our Deliveroo for Business (DfB)’ customers. DfB enables businesses of all sizes and their employees to easily order groceries throughout the day and for any occasion. We launched DfB in September 2016 and immediately WeWork Tower 535 has signed up for it within a month. Since then, we provide WeWork with delicious food for community and team events in 10 different locations in Hong Kong. We are very grateful for our synergy and long-term partnership,” Lo added.
The addition of these new locations in prime business districts adds to WeWork’s portfolio of vibrant, strategically-located collaborative spaces in Greater Bay Area. WeWork’s locations in the Greater Bay Area. WeWork will continue to partner closely with local landlords and business partners and remain committed as ever to delivering an unparalleled workplace experience for all our members.


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