WeWork Enters Guangzhou with its First Collaborative Space at Dama Station Business Center

● WeWork recently expands its footprint to Guangzhou Dama Station Business Center, bringing together local talents to push forward the development of various sectors, in particular the innovation sector, through its global network, robust membership platform and distinctive operation model. As such, WeWork is committed to supporting the development of the Greater Bay Area
● WeWork will create an inspiring work environment for Guangzhou creators, redefine the future of work and living, and offer members of the area exclusive preferential policies and customized engagement programs to foster economic exchange within the Greater Bay Area. All these aim to nurture the next-generation of innovative entrepreneurs in the region
● In 2019, WeWork will further accelerate its growth in Greater China and deepen its localization strategy to support the creator community. Leveraging its long-term commitment of “In China, With China, For China”, WeWork is now ready to elevate to the next level of “Beyond China”
Hong Kong (8 May 2019) – WeWork unveiled its first collaborative space in Guangzhou at Dama Station Business Center recently. Celebrating the launch of Guangzhou’s first WeWork creator community, the opening ceremony was graced with the presence of Ms. Xing Xiang, Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou Municipal Government; Mr. Zhan Decun, Deputy Director General of Guangzhou Municipal Science & Technology Commission; Mr. Wu Shangwei, Deputy Director General of Guangzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau; Mr. Ma Manhe, Deputy Inspector of Foreign Affair Office Guangzhou Municipal Government; Ms. Guo Huan, Standing Member of Chinese Communist Party Yuexiu District Committee, Director of Beijing Road Cultural Core-Area Management Authority; Mr. Li Yanzhong, Standing Deputy Director of Beijing Road Cultural Core-Area Management Authority, and Mr. Yu Guoqing, Deputy Director General of Yuexiu District Commerce Bureau. The new WeWork space in Guangzhou will help solidify its role as the engine of the Greater Bay Area and raise the overall innovation standard of the city. By bolstering the development into a world-class bay area, the opening of WeWork in Guangzhou not only provides a unique work environment for more remarkable creators, but also advocates a more humanized way of work and living. As it strives to fulfill its long-term commitment of “In China, With China, For China”, WeWork is writing a new chapter for China’s innovation community.
Strategically situated in the junction of the West River, Beijiang River, and Dongjiang River, Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, is geographically advantaged. This pivotal city in the Greater Bay Area not only serves as the vital link between the area and the Mainland, but also the growth driver and the centralized hub. Today, Guangzhou boasts the largest number of registered domestic small and medium technological enterprises in China, and the synergy between the remarkable talent pool and innovative industries has accelerated the transformation of Guangzhou from a labor-based economy to an innovative one, reinforcing its status as the international hub of technology and innovation in the region.
“Guangzhou has long been the political, economic and cultural center of Guangdong and Southern China renowned for its profound history and distinctive charm. In the era of open economy, the city continues to demonstrate its audacity and pioneering spirit, and to amplify its role as a key city and an integrated gateway,” said Sern Hong Yu, Vice President, Regional Head of Project Delivery, WeWork Greater China. “While China undergoes a significant strategic growth, Guangzhou also experiences a major economic transformation. Expanding its footprint to the city at this critical moment, WeWork will fully align with the ‘mass entrepreneurship and innovation strategy’ of the Central Government and the outline development of the Greater Bay Area, deepen our local development strategy and fully utilize the resources in the region to promote in-depth cooperation and integration among businesses in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, proactively develop innovative talents and fuel the robust growth of the area.”
“Looking ahead, WeWork will leverage its extensive network and global membership base to support Guangdong’s talent policy. We will also work closely with various sectors including the government and the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and South China to attract more talented people for technological achievements. Meanwhile, we will provide timely support via our far-reaching platform to local creators and innovative businesses as they tap into the global market, while offering a springboard to foreign companies to enter the China market via Guangzhou,” Yu added.
Stephen Phillips, Director-General of Investment Promotion at Invest Hong Kong, said, “We are delighted that WeWork is further expanding its footprint in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The Central Government recently announced the Outline Development Plan, which will make Hong Kong an even more favourable business platform for overseas companies that aim to expand their market presence in the Asia-Pacific region and the massive Greater Bay Area. We look forward to collaborating with WeWork to support more foreign companies to set up in Hong Kong and capture the exciting potential of the Greater Bay Area.”
Meanwhile, WeWork has joined hands with the American Chamber of Commerce in South China and Hong Kong to allow members of the Chambers to access the offline resources of WeWork in the Greater Bay Area, such as joining the activities organized by WeWork and the Chambers, and be part of the WeWork community at an exclusive price. The cooperation aims at promoting the business of members from both sides by helping them expand their network and encouraging the exchange of industry insight.
“The strategic cooperation between WeWork and the American Chamber of Commerce in South China brings together the valuable resources of both parties in Southern China and encourages active exchange of ideas so that enterprises of all sizes can grow rapidly in the Greater Bay Area,” said Dr. Harley Seyedin, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China.
Tara Joseph, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong said, “We are excited to partner with WeWork in creating synergies among WeWork and AmCham Hong Kong members. Our collaboration also demonstrates AmCham Hong Kong’s interest in supporting member firms who want to seize opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, and to assist Hong Kong as an important part of this initiative.”
Support Development of the Greater Bay Area by Integrating WeWork Resources in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong
Since WeWork entered the Greater China market in 2016, it has been committed to supporting mainland China’s transformation from being the “world factory” to the “world laboratory”. At present, WeWork has over 70 operating locations in eight cities in Greater China with over 43,100 members. Apart from the Dama Station Business Center, WeWork is also planning to open locations in Riverside Business Complex Centre and Yuexiu Financial Tower in Guangzhou.
The debut in Guangzhou enables WeWork to fully utilize its growing network in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and offer customized programs for new members in the Greater Bay Area and accelerate the development of the area. The initial, exclusive offers include:
1. Special WeWork offers for new members from industries supported by the Greater Bay Area initiatives
2. Tailored one-day community pass for members in the Greater Bay Area to ensure a smooth and convenient access to WeWork’s resources, and to promote the exchange and collaboration between members in these areas
3. Offline initiatives include regular in-depth exchange activities and guidelines on the policies of the Greater Bay Area and the local WeWork network. The guidelines give members a clear picture of the overview of the Greater Bay Area initiative
4. Meanwhile, WeWork Labs will be launched in the Greater Bay Area to nurture aspiring startups and accelerate their rapid growth through professional training and mentorship
Looking forward, WeWork will continue to launch new programs for the Greater Bay Area members based on their needs and feedback, so as to help them excel and scale new heights.
A Diversified Community with Active Cooperation and Innovation
WeWork Dama Station Business Center has members from different sectors, ranging from professional services, technology to creative design. Among them are Tiancheng Copper Craft, an intangible cultural heritage arts and crafts creator certified by the Guangdong Province, and Macroview Telecom, the largest independent digital solutions and management services provider from Hong Kong.
During the “WeWork Dialogue” at the opening ceremony, Mr. Stanley Tsang, Executive Director of Macroview Telecom, said, “We have seven offices across Greater China, and Guangzhou is our headquarters in mainland China. The expansive WeWork communities in the region have given WeWork operations and collaboration a strong boost. Beyond Guangzhou, we also leverage WeWork locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu. We share WeWork’s value about the power of communities and hope to attract creative young people through community collaboration, thus, creating a world where creators can pursue their career, fulfil their dreams and live a wonderful life. As a technology enterprise, we value talent recruitment, career development and talent retention. The open, modern space and energetic community of WeWork has given our staff an enjoyable work environment, where they become more efficient and feel a stronger sense of belonging. Moreover, community activities and courses also encourage our employees to broaden their horizons. With the support of WeWork, our office environment and brand image in mainland China have been enhanced tremendously.”
Classic-Meets-Modern Design Reflects Time-honored Culture of Guangzhou
Situated next to Dama Station in Yuexiu District, an old town filled with artistic vibe, the first WeWork creator community in Guangzhou joins hands with WeWork Shenzhen to create an innovative space for young entrepreneurs in the Greater Bay Area. Spanning across eleven floors and featuring 1400 desks, the space draws inspiration from the culture of traditional private schools in Yuexiu District and exotic Southeast Asian culture. The unique Cantonese yum-cha culture is mixed with ingenious design to demonstrate the breadth and depth of local culture, manifested by the tropical plant neon lights and a mural of the iconic cotton trees in Guangzhou. The abundant use of wooden bookshelves, rugs and textiles immerse local creators in a sophisticated environment filled with the elegant aroma of tea and books. Injecting a new vigor to the historic district, the space also has a cut-out spiral staircase connecting four floors. It not only lets the warm sunlight in, but also serves as a social platform for members working across different floors. This dynamic and inspiring community will become the most iconic hub of creators from all over the world and fuel the high-quality development of the economy.
As WeWork expands its footprint in China, it will continue to deepen its localized strategy and join hands with outstanding partners. By tapping into more new markets, it will create a uniquely powerful community that adapts to and supports the business models and achievements of local creators. As they pursue their dreams and embrace the new mode of work and lifestyle introduced by WeWork, they help realize WeWork’s mission – to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. With its eyes set on the future, WeWork will continue to adhere to its long-term commitment of fueling the growth of the Greater China market.


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