Wajeeh Ul Hassan – Government Pakistan Project Expert

Welcome to my profile very warmly. Today I will share my history and my blogging journey. My name is Wajeeh UL Hassan and I will communicate with you today. I am a writer who blogs on government policies, salaries and payrolls. I’m also sharing my blog with you in this biography to obtain helpful information. So you should read this bio till the end if you’re a government employee, because it’s worth it.
What is blogging?
You don’t have to be concerned if you are not very conscious of the word “blogging.” Here’s a blogging introduction. It’s the wiring method and anyone who wants to write can do it. A blog is a platform for sharing your thinking, experience and expertise. And with the entire world a lot of other stuff. You should express your thoughts online, it is quite fascinating. The following materials are used for blogging:
1. Love with Writing.
2. Publishing which has a positive impact on others.
3. Provide knowledge and content to help.
4. A narrative or a shared information.
Why do I want to blog?
Okay, from the very beginning I wasn’t involved in writing. I’m an engineer and I also have government work experience. I received my Government College Karachi education. And then I served in the government department as a project manager. I faced so many obstacles in my life throughout this period. It was not that fast, and it takes a lot to be good, to become a popular blogger. But remember one thing that is never easy and hard and hard work before you get what you want. I’m collaborating with blogs as the government project planner. I decide to blog because in my life I want to do something special.
My Blogs.
I started to run blogs and websites after all my challenges. Because I have excellent government work experiences, I start a blog to assist public employees. The article covers the Pifra Registration Monthly Pay Slip Guide Registration. A complete guide and process for obtaining a paycheck is accessible on this page. It can also be tracked. PIFRA was my first site and supports thousands of government workers today. The people who want to learn how to get their paycheck online.
My next mission.
This is the encouragement and affection of my dear readers, my friends and of course my relatives. This is very good today. Nonetheless, my journey has not ended here since I have a lot of big stuff to do now. I want to support my business and I will represent Pakistan in my region. My next task is to help unemployed people and reduce the unemployment rate. Well-educated, but unemployed people I can relate. So their suffering so their sadness may I picture. However, I do my best to help you to make our society a peaceful and happy place to live. Pakistan Long Live! for more information please visit


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